Course Leaders Forum

In 2019 the DAP Forum series have been re-imagined as Course Leaders Forums, with the inclusion of Academic Course Advisors (ACA). These events provide an opportunity for Directors of Academic Programs (DAPs) and Academic Course Advisors (ACAs) to meet and discuss strategic and course level matters, network with colleagues and further explore topics of interest.

Both these roles are key academic leadership roles within Schools and provide strategic advice, planning and direction for the suite of courses assigned to the particular role for both staff and students.

If you have any additional questions about the Course Leaders Forums, please contact Gina Saliba (opens in a new window)

Further Information;

DAP Reference Group Representatives

Course Leaders Forums - 2019

    April Forum
    Topic: Evidencing and recognising teaching and learning excellence

    May Forum
    Topic: Professional development needs for the 21C Academic

    August Forum
    Topic: Transition and retention pedagogies.

    September Forum
    Topic: Courses from the viewpoint of students and student support services

    October Forum
    Topic: Partnerships driving quality enhancement of our curricular

DAP Forums 2018

    April Forum
    Topic: Engaging with data to improve course quality

    May Forum
    Topic: Students as curriculum partners

    June Forum
    Topic: Implementing the ‘Restructure’ recommendations

    August Forum
    Topic: Higher Education Academy (HEA) Fellowship

    September Forum
    Topic: Enacting Partnership Pedagogies in curriculum

    October Forum
    Topic: Approaches to managing relationships and delivery of third party providers such as OES and Sydney City Campus.

DAP Forums 2017

    March Forum
    Topic: Transition pedagogy and transition challenges: Understanding and facilitating transition from The College, International College and Sydney City Campus

    May Forum 
    Topic: Enhancing and assuring program quality

    June Forum
    Topic: Enabling staff career development planning

    September Forum 
    Topic: Professional skills and identity development for a portfolio career

    October Forum 
    Topic: Leading implementation of alternative teaching models

School Representatives;

School of Business

Directors of Academic ProgramsAcademic Course AdvisorsAcademic Course Advisors
Dr Maria Estela Varua Mr Farid AhmedDr Tim Hall
Dr Jayne Bye Dr John AblettDr Peter Humphreys
Dr Michelle CullDr Gulay AvsarDr Hilal Hurriyet
Dr Francine GarlinDr Walid BakryMr Michael Stack
Dr Laurel JacksonDr Nadine CampbellDr Edward Mariyani-Squire
Dr Daniela SpanjaardDr Rina DattMrs Sharne Simmons
 Mr Ned DoyleDr Connie Vitale

School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics

Directors of Academic ProgramsAcademic Course AdvisorsAcademic Course Advisors
Assoc. Prof. Mary HardieMs Kamini (Simi) BajajDr Sepani Senaratne
Dr Sasha AlexanderDr Evan CrawfordD rLeigh Sheppard
Assoc. Prof. Yun BaiMr Grahame DouglasDr Ee Loon Tan
Mr. Paul DaviesDr Upul GunawardanaDr Qinghua Zeng
Dr Yingbin FengMr Neil HopkinsDr Yingyan Zhang
Assoc. Prof. Gu FangDr Jiansheng HuangDr Ming Zhao
Dr Ana HolDr Zhuhan JiangAssoc. Prof.Haiping Zhu
Dr Bahman JavadiDr Brendan Kirkland 
Dr Ursa KomacAssoc. Prof.Fidelis Mashiri 
Prof. Srinath PereraDr Olivia Mirza 
Dr Ante ProdanMr Jean Payette 
Dr. Stephen WeissenhoferDr Payam Rahnamayiezekavat 
Prof. Richard YangDr.Jamal Rizk 

School of Education

Directors of Academic Programs
Dr Katrina Barker
Dr Kay Carroll
Denise Fraser
Assoc. Prof. Susanne Gannon
Ms Shirley Gilbert
Jacqueline Humphries

School of Humanities and Communications Arts

Directors of Academic ProgramsAcademic Course Advisors
Assoc. Prof. Sally Macarthur Dr Diane Colman
Dr Dianne DickensonDr Margaret Hanlon
Dr Rachel BentleyDr Kenny Wang
Assoc. Prof. Uldis Ozolins 
Dr Rachel Morley 
Ms Katrina Sandbach 

School of Law

Directors of Academic ProgramsAcademic Course Advisors
Ms Elen SeymourDr Sarah Hook

School of Medicine

Directors of Academic Programs 
Dr Iman Hegazi
Dr Rachael Brown 
Dr Brahm Marjadi 
Dr Lise Mogensen 
Dr Carl Parsons 
Dr Elizabeth O'Connor 

School of Nursing and Midwifery

Directors of Academic ProgramsDirectors of Academic Workforce
Dr Judy MannixDr Peter Lewis
Ms Fiona ArundellDr Christine Taylor
Assoc. Prof. Kath PetersProfessor Yenna Salamonson
Dr Rebecca O’ReillyRobyn Moroney
Ms Sue Willis 

School of Social Sciences and Psychology

Directors of Academic ProgramsDirectors of Academic ProgramsAcademic Course Advisors
Assoc. Prof. Sheridan LinnellProfessor Tanya MeadeDr Janet Conti
Dr Phoebe BaileyMs Karen Moses Dr Maria Estela Varua
Dr Selda DagistanliDr Ana RodasAssoc. Prof. Nida Denson
Dr Jeff FosterDr Zulfan Tadjoeddin 
Dr Neil HallAssoc. Prof. Emma Waterton 
Assoc. Prof. Mary Hawkins  

School of Science and Health

Directors of Academic ProgramsAcademic Course AdvisorsAcademic Course Advisors
Dr Chris Jones Dr John BidewellDr Ryan Storr
Dr Andrew BroderickDr Jane ChalmersDr Liz Thyer
Dr Rosalind ByeDr Leigha Dark 
Assoc. Prof. Jo-AnneChuckDr Rosalie Durham 
Dr Belinda KennyDr Catharine Fleming 
Assoc. Prof. Ric LovellProfessor Chris Lennard 
Dr Arianne ReisDr Srinivas Nammi 
Dr Paul SimpsonDr Shona Papalia 
Dr Clarice TangDr Sabine Piller 
Dr Caterina TannousDr Jennifer Sonter 
Professor Debbie TurnerDr Ricky Spencer 
Dr Mark WilliamsDr Val Spikmans 
Assoc. Prof. Xiaoshu ZhuDr Kylie Steel 

Graduate Research School

Dr Alex Norman

The College

Dr Sofia Eriksson
Mrs Karen Bertinshaw
Mrs Katherine Curic
Ms Kathryn Gooch
Miriam Krakovska
Mrs Juliette Subramaniam