21st Century Curriculum Project

21st Century Curriculum Project
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The 21st Century Curriculum (21C) Project is one of the five major Transforming Western Sydney initiatives designed to advance the ambitions of our Securing Success 2015-2020 strategic plan (PDF, 3859.29 KB)(opens in a new window) and is outlined in the 21C Project Introduction (PDF, 4833.19 KB) (opens in a new window). It is one element of the University’s response to a disrupted future of work that will offer our graduates new opportunities, and demands that we equip our students with new knowledge and abilities for their future success. It is a project that speaks to our commitment to our community and the growing cities of Western Sydney. It recognises that we must genuinely transform our curriculum if we are to keep pace with the transformations in society.

The 21C Project is a three year project (2017-2019) that provides opportunities for the university community to engage in discussions about what we want the educational experience here at Western to be known for.

The Project encompasses four strands of work:

  • Strengthening our current degrees
  • Creating new future-facing degrees and new curriculum elements
  • Developing new alternative credentials
  • Future proofing institutional capacity for curriculum renewal

The activities in the Project Plan Overview (PDF, 2747.58 KB) (opens in a new window) are organised under the following five initiatives.

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