21st Century Curriculum Project

The 21st Century Curriculum (21st CC) Project is one element of the University's response to a disrupted future of work that offers our graduates new opportunities, and demands that we equip students with new knowledge and abilities for their future success. It is a project that speaks to our commitment to our community and the growing cities of Western Sydney. It recognises that we must genuinely transform our curriculum if we were to keep pace with the changes in society.

The 21st CC project encompasses four strands of work:

  1. Strengthen our current degrees
  2. Create new future-facing degrees and new curriculum elements
  3. Develop new alternative credentials
  4. Future proof institutional capacity for curriculum renewal.

The activities in the project plan are organised under the following five initiatives:

  1. Analysis and Planning
  2. School Curriculum Pilots
  3. Future of Work Forums
  4. Flagship Curriculum Projects
  5. Integrate and Optimise.

Project Timeline

21C Timeline

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You can read more about the project in the documents on this website or watch a short video (opens in a new window).  The 21st CC Project has been designed to provide the University community with the opportunity to co-create our future curriculum.  If you would like to get involved, please contact your Deputy Dean or the project team.

Connect and collaborate on the 21st Century Curriculum Project with Dr Tai Peseta, Senior Lecturer, Learning Transformations.