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Flagship Projects

A very competitive application process to propose the development of new 2018 curriculum elements saw project teams from around the University vying for funding. Proposals were reviewed by an expert panel and in the end a total of 19 were selected (PDF, 232.78 KB)(opens in a new window).

These exciting Projects will extend on the ideas developed through the 21C Future of Work initiative (opens in a new window). The Projects range in scale from Learning Pods to the development of ‘Advantage’ majors and sub-majors, and be co-created with partners from the community, industry, research, and our students.  

As the name suggests, these projects are ‘flagship.’ They will drive pedagogical change and curriculum innovation across the University to better equip our students for career success in a disrupted future of work and society.

21C Initiative 4: Flagship Curriculum Projects

1. Learning Pods

> Coded Design Project Leads: Professor Chris Knapp, SCEM & Dr Jim Pettigrew, MESH
Drawing on expertise within SCEM, student partners, and colleagues at the University of Sydney and RMIT, this interdisciplinary Pod will support students generate digital and concrete design artefacts drawing on an creative programming language required for growing future careers in network innovation, data visualization and analysis.
> Developing literacies of the future through partnership Project Lead: Ms Fiona Webber, WSU Library
The Pod will co-create new and re-assemble existing resources to support students’ development of academic literacy and future of work capabilities in partnership with secondary schools, The College, key unit coordinators and DAPS, The Academy, and a selection of industry partners. Informed by students as partners, it will also embed a curriculum strategy aimed at embedding Pods and resources in key units and across key programs in HCA, SCEM, Business and SSAP.
> Learning Pods in Business Project Lead: Professor Sara Denize, SoBusiness
This project is a collaboration with students and industry partners to co-create a series of Pods in the following areas: financial analysis, career preparation and brand building and to use the latest technology, data and research analytics to do so.
> Community based Work-integrated Learning Projects Project Leads: Associate Professor Mary Hardie & Dr Sasha Alexander, SCEM
This Pod offers an introduction to work-integrated learning for students engaged in future of work projects that are community-based, multidisciplinary and involve multiple stakeholders. It involves a collaboration between SCEM students, Parramatta City Council Waste Services Division, Wesley Mission, Rotary, Landcare, industry partner Jacobs, and NSW Government Health.
> Medical-Legal ethics Project Leads: Dr Kate Sainsbury, SoL & Dr Jenny McDonald, SoMedicine
The Pods that are co-designed and developed support Law and Medicine students as well as practising legal and medical practitioners (via continuing professional development) to engage in, appreciate and encounter inter-professional perspectives on medico-legal ethics. The Pods are to be developed by a team of law and medicine staff, with students as partners, industry bodies such as the Clinical Excellence Commission, and practitioners Carol O’Dea Lawyers and YM Lawyers.
> Fire Protections programs Project Lead: Associate Professor Swapan Saha, SCEM
The Pod aims to develop an executive management and quality systems approach for SME business undertaking fire protection installations in NSW and GWS in relation to the future of work. It aims to prepare SME owners and staff with skills, knowledge and abilities which address the changing nature of work for the fire protection industry.
> Pre-learning Pod: early engagement of students Project Lead: Dr Leanne Yard, The College
A learning pod focused on degree and career information activities (including the Future of Work) and intended to orient College students, will developed for the learning stage between the time an offer is accepted and prior to course commencement.
> Co-creating cross-disciplinary management Pods for future of work scenarios Project Lead: Professor Srinath Perera
The Pod – developed by a team in SCEM, the WSU Project Management Office, DXC Technology and Aquenta Consulting – supports students to develop contemporary project management practices that address the digitisation entailed in future of work scenarios.
> Engaging students for Community Well-being Project Leads: Rowena Saheb, Student Experience Office and Dr Arianne Ries, School of Science and Health
Drawing on established partnerships with both undergraduate and postgraduate students, external partners Headspace (Parramatta), NSW Mental Health and Lifeline, and staff in HCA, Law and Medicine, this project proposes Pods to increase students mental health and well-being literacy in the university and into their future employment.
> Modularisation of Architecture studios Project Lead: Professor Chris Knapp, SCE
An integrated series of learning modules/Pods will be developed that characterise the way Architectural Design will be taught at the university. Focused on providing graduates with an adaptable framework for design thinking, a new approach to studio-based learning, it is a collaboration between SCEM, The Academy, HCA, student partners and external industry partners including Carter Williamson Architects, UTS School of Architecture, and the Office of the Government Architect NSW.

2. Accelerator Units

> Strategic Personal Branding Project Lead: Ms Jacki Krahmalov, HCA
This unit prepares students with an entrepreneurial growth mindset to strategically develop their own unique personal brand that will equip students in any discipline with career and life success. Its external partners include Semi-Permanent and Blue Chilli, and alongside students, the curriculum will be co-created.
> Global Engagement and Citizenship: connecting students with the world for intercultural competency development Project Lead: Associate Professor Felicity Blackstock, SS&H
This unit aims to guide students through their development of intercultural competence and selfefficacy to engage with a world beyond Western Sydney. Available to students in any degree, the unit focused on the design and preparation of a global learning experience, an outward bound mobility experience, and reflection and integration of learning through cultural competence.
> Greater Western Sydney Life Project Lead: Dr Roger Dawkins, HCA With partners that include the Sydney Story Factory, Access News Media, and a reference group of 10 students, this unit focuses on the theory and practice of podcasting. As a growing digital platform for the future of work, through podcasting, students will learn to tell their stories of living and working in the Greater Western Sydney region.

3. Advantage Majors or sub-Majors

> Science Cores Project Lead: Dr Jo-Anne Chuck, SSH
The project builds on the progress of SSH 21C Curriculum Project and aims to provide Science students with a distinctively different and outward (and future of work) facing learning experience, as well as develop units for the basis of a STEM major for any student. The curriculum renewal is a collaboration with key Science DAPs, MESH, Careers and external partners Lachlan Macquarie College and Australian Institute for Nuclear Science and Engineering, Professionals Australia and student partners.
> Work Ready Plus Project Lead: Dr Leanne Yard, The College
The project aims to develop and pilot an integrated model of VET and Higher Education at The College we can be utilised as a future framework for the integration of targeted VET and university programs.

4. Integrated and articulated curriculum elements

> Research-led Inquiry Based Curriculum Project Lead: Professor James Arvanitakis, Graduate Research School (with Research Institutes)
This project aims to build a research-led inquiry curriculum across the undergraduate learning experience at the university, consistent with the goals of the future of work and GWS. It will focus on Orientation, undergraduate research seminar (year 1), expand the Summer research internship (year 2), and co-create Research Theme projects (year 3).
> Designing and Advocating for Sustainable Futures: partnership pedagogies for enhancing the transformative potential of SDGs Project Leads: Associate Professor Juan Francisco Salazar & Dr Tanya Notley, HCA
The project draws on a variety of external partners – for e.g., a selection include Engage Media, Sea Mercy, Live and Learn, Republic of Everyone and Matadora Films – to design a set of Pods (leading to Accelerator units) focused on Education for Sustainability.
> Legal Technology Project Lead: Dr John Juriansz, SoLaw
With Law staff, commercial law firms, technology industry, and students as partners, this project will create modularised Pods that articulate into Accelerator units and a Sub-major focused on legal technology. Students will be able to design and build legal information systems to be proactive with the future of work challenges facing the legal profession. >Development of new learning modules and training modules for six Engineering WIL intensive Units as Accelerator Units Project Lead: Professor Richard Yang, SCEM
New learning modules and career resources will be developed to improve and expand on the suite of existing Engineering work-integrated learning units at first and third year. Engineering staff, students and an industry advisory panel will collaborate and partner on curriculum co-development and codesign.

Project teams will be supported by the 21C team through the provision of ‘Curriculum Makerspaces’ (PDF, 102.41 KB).  Learn more about the Flagship Curriculum Projects (opens in a new window).

Connect with the team at 21c@westernsydney.edu.au.

Learning Futures.NOW. Issue 4.

-November 2017-