Curriculum Mapping Tool

Western Sydney University Online Curriculum Mapping Tool is here!

The new web-based version of the Curriculum Mapping Tool (CMT) is now available. It generates summary curriculum data for our academic programs so staff can explore and assure the alignment of course and unit learning outcomes, graduate attributes, teaching and assessment, across and within segments of a course. This will greatly assist Schools to plan coherent scaffolding of student learning across programs. The Curriculum Mapping Tool is also designed to support Schools in their curriculum review and redesign as part of the 21st Century Curriculum Project.

The development of the CMT has involved extensive consultation and input from internal end-users, including academics and teaching development staff, as well as a range of professional accrediting bodies and external experts.  The Learning Transformations Team would like to gratefully acknowledge those valuable contributions.

School Curriculum Advisors and Course Quality Officers can provide an introduction to the Curriculum Mapping Tool.  Staff can register for viewing access by contacting ITDS (opens in a new window).  To find out more about the CMT you can join the Curriculum Mapping Tool Yammer (opens in a new window) Group (CMT) and accessing the CMT website. (opens in a new window).

For more information or support contact Sharon Short or Gina Saliba from Learning Transformations