21st Century Curriculum Project

The University's 21stCentury Curriculum Project offers exciting opportunities for staff to co-create our future courses.

The next stage of the University's curriculum transformation project launched this month with School Curriculum Pilots in SCEM S&H, SSAP, HCA, SoB, Law, Nursing and Midwifery and School of Education. The School Pilots build on the Analysis and Planning work of the preceding stage to develop models for simpler more coherent curriculum structures which will enable staff to innovate at scale and without unnecessary bureaucracy.

The funded pilots also support Schools to further enhance the relevance of current courses for students seeking an employment advantage in a disrupted future of work. The School teams participating in the pilots are supported by central resources, and will meet as a university-wide network of Curriculum Scholars each month to share insights and collaborate. Three members from each of the School Pilot teams will also be supported to apply for a UK Higher Education Academy Fellowship in recognition of their work.

The School Pilots are one element of a series of staged initiatives over the next three years. Read more about your School's Pilot at the 21st Century Curriculum Project website and if you'd like to get involved please contact your Deputy Dean.

There will be other opportunities through the project for staff and students to collaborate in shaping our future curriculum. Look out for invitations to join one of the Future of Work forums later this semester and opportunities next year for teams to nominate to work on funded Flagship Curriculum Projects. There are also Project Advisory Groups and Working parties you can join. There will be regular updates about the project in upcoming editions of Learning Futures (now e-bulletin), the Project website, as well as through the usual committees.

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Learning Futures.NOW. Issue 1.

-November 2017-