The 21C Project Team

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Project Sponsor: Professor Simon Barrie, PVC Learning Transformations

Professor Simon Barrie is responsible for leadership of strategic educational innovation and collaboration to shape the University's commitment to ensuring its students fulfil their potential to become influential global citizen-scholars in a new technology-enabled world.  His expertise is in innovatively engaging university communities to deliver new ways to enact the 'idea of the university' in a rapidly changing world. Professor Barrie has worked in the field of Higher Education for 25 years and is an award-winning teacher with an international reputation for his research on the transformative potential of higher education.  He has led major national research and development projects to support Australian universities in the renewal of their educational programs to meet the needs of a new generation of learners and the demands of an uncertain future in today's radically disrupted world of work.  His work links the learning demands of the new knowledge economy with educational innovation in new learning ecosystems, using the mechanisms of academic development and collaborative institutional leadership of transformative educational change.

Chair of IAG: Associate Professor Simon Bedford, Director Learning Transformations

Associate Professor Simon Bedford is Chair of the Implementation Advisory Group (IAG), which works to provide guidance to 21C project teams on the implementation of new coherent course structures and the implementation and promotion of revised and/or new courses and innovative curriculum elements.  The Group’s main role is to advise the project on processes to efficiently and effectively implement and market our new curriculum within the known constraints.

Academic Lead: Dr Tai Peseta, Senior Lecturer, Learning Transformations

Dr Tai Peseta is the 21C Academic Lead. She works closely with the PVC Learning Transformations (LT) to conceptualise and implement the various initiatives developed under the 21C project. She leads the curriculum work related to Students as Partners, the Western Educational Fellowship HEA Scheme, Curriculum MakerSpaces, and is co-chair with Dr Jenny Pizzica of the Curriculum Scholars Network. She is also the Research Lead in the LT team.

Program Manager: Gillian Brown, Learning Transformations

Gillian Brown is responsible for driving and managing governance and policy change for a number of programs under the 21C project. Gill can also advise on the work of the 21C Implementation Advisory Group, which is working on the delivery of policies, systems and processes to better support curriculum innovation and review under the 21C principles, and the 21C Curriculum Challenge Program which will support expanding the 21C curriculum builds at scale.

Project Manager: David Roach, Learning Transformations

David Roach provides overall strategic and operational management for 21C.  This includes liaising with and reporting to various oversight groups such as the Steering Committee, Project Sponsors and Advisory Groups, along with other areas of the University when appropriate.   In addition to being the ‘touch point’ for higher-level queries regarding 21C (such as funding, processes, major changes, and resourcing), David can also advise on student transition and retention pedagogies and strategies.

Project Officer: Dr Gavin Smith, Learning Transformations

Dr Gavin Smith provides support across all initiatives of the 21C Project, including responsibility for maintaining the resources portal within the 21C website, and providing assistance with bench marking activities.

Project Support Officer: Abbey Grover, Learning Transformations

Abbey Grover provides general administrative, event based and logistical support to all of the initiatives of the 21C Project, and is the first point of contact for all general queries about 21C.