Future of Work/Curriculum Disruption Forums

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Forum 1 - Patterns of Change in the Future of Work for Greater Western Sydney

Forum 1 was held on Wednesday November 8th 2017 at Parramatta City Campus, The Peter Shergold Building. View some of the outputs from this forum (opens in a new window), including recordings of the keynotes and panel session.

Forum 2 - Professional Learning in Changing Contexts

Forum 2 was held on Friday, 1 December 2017 at Parramatta (South) Campus in the Janice Reid Pavilion. Visit the site to see how this forum explored the futures of disciplines and professions in a digitally disrupted world of work and society (opens in a new window). It examined the future drivers of curricula designed to enable students to thrive in this environment.

Forum 3 - The Future of Public Service and Work: Shaping the Future while Delivering Today

Forum 3 was held on Wednesday, 7th February 2018 at Parramatta City Campus, The Peter Shergold Building. See how this forum explored how public service and work can deliver today while shaping the future (opens in a new window), and how the University can equip our students to engage productively with this future of work.

Forum 4 - Social Justice and the Future of Work and Curriculum Disruption

Forum 4 was held on Wednesday 11th April at Parramatta City Campus The Peter Shergold Building and explored how education is an important force for the promotion of equity, equality, fairness and social justice in our wider society (opens in a new window). The forum also looked at how future of work focussed curriculum partnerships between university students and staff, community and external organisations can foster socially-just innovation and develop future citizens.

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