2018 Flagship Curriculum Projects

The 21C Curriculum Project supported a number of Flagship Curriculum Projects (PDF, 2109.64 KB) (opens in a new window) (FCP) across the University during 2018. FCP teams included curriculum partners (our students, business and community representatives) who co-designed, co-developed, co-delivered and co-credentialed new innovate components for our future facing degrees. These FCPs will create new flexible combinations of ‘future of work’ curriculum elements and multi-disciplinary learning.

We will develop a new online Learning Commons to share access to these resources and curriculum elements developed through these projects. We will explore and develop our first alternative credentials, including new pathways into, and exit points from, the University.

The Flagship Curriculum Projects provide the basis for new productive curriculum partnerships with industry, community sectors, and students, to co-create and sustain future renewal of our degrees and alternative credentials.

Over the year, FCP teams were supported through a series of Curriculum MakerSpaces (opens in a new window). These intensive curriculum development sessions supported the plan-design-build-test-evaluate stages of each project.

Other resources include:

For an extended list of resources related to the future of work, partnership pedagogies, and students as partners, please visit the 21C Resources (opens in a new window) site.

If you have a query please contact the Project Manager David Roach or read the FAQs (opens in a new window).