Innovation and Easy Access IP

Western Sydney University is committed to Easy Access IP and is a preferred model for the commercialisation of IP.

What is Easy Access IP? 

Easy Access IP is where innovation, often at an early stage and requiring some investment and product development, is offered freely to industry.

Whilst Western Sydney University will still protect and commercialise some IP through more traditional revenue-based licensing or start-ups, we will offer much of our IP to industry partners and entrepreneurs for free. It is intended that this model will increase the take‐up of IP and accelerate its development and pathway to market. Significantly, adoption of the Easy Access IP model signals our priority to engage more easily with our partners, encourage new collaborations and achieve Impact by our research. 

IP in the Easy Access Portfolio is no less valuable than other inventions, but may have a path to market that is more difficult for organisations to navigate by traditional methods.

Easy Access IP make it easier for Industry to work with Western Sydney University, by reducing the barriers to investment in the development of the IP, using quick and simple agreements and removing the need for lengthy costly negotiations.