Justice Research Group

David Tait

Photography by Andrew Campbell


The Justice Research Group was established in July 2009 at Western Sydney University.

Our key research focus is the courts and other justice processes and we generate multidisciplinary evidence-based research projects that address practical policy questions while engaging with a range of theoretical literatures from law, sociology, criminology, history, psychology, media studies, architecture and forensic science.

Our current and recent research areas include:

  • Juries
  • Restorative justice
  • Court technologies
  • Court safety and security
  • War and International Justice

Our partners

Court of the Future Network

This multidisciplinary group of architects, engineers, psychologists, judicial officers, lawyers, criminologists and others in Australia and New Zealand who work closely with court communities to improve the quality of justice environments. Our interests include both the physical and psychological setting of courts and tribunals, and also the processes and rituals of justice. We identify emerging issues, carry out research to work out how new approaches might work in the real world for the court, and disseminate information through a series of conferences and workshops. Previously, we have run two national conferences on court architecture, security and technology and four jury research and practice conferences. We also develop research projects in consultation with court communities. 

Postgraduate study


The Justice Research Group is located on the Bankstown campus of Western Sydney University, and this website is constantly updated with information about research projects, seminars, publications, events and news. For further information about the activities of the Justice Research Group please contact the group.