Establishing and Renewing Agreements

Establishing or Renewing an International Agreement

Western Sydney International invites opportunities to expand the University's international reach through a diverse range of collaborations with partner institutions. The Western Sydney International Office is the central point to manage the establishment and renewal of all the University's bi-lateral and multi-lateral institutional agreements.

The key consideration when proposing a new institutional agreement or renewing an existing agreement, is to ensure that the proposed agreement aligns with the University's objectives.

Will the proposed collaboration:

  1. Build and enhance the University's international profile and branding through association with highly reputable teaching and research institutions?
  2. Deliver a superior teaching and learning experience?
  3. Provide our students with an invaluable international study experience?
  4. Enhance the University's marketability which will support and boost Western Sydney International student recruitment?

It is important that staff considering establishing a collaboration with a partner institution discuss the initiative at the outset of the process with their Dean and the Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor International to assess the suitability and feasibility of the proposed cooperation.

Please complete the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) Checklist to Establish an Agreement () (opens in a new window) to facilitate a preliminary assessment of the potential collaboration with the proposed partner institution.

Establishing a new agreement

For detailed information regarding the procedure to establish each different type of agreement, please check the links below: 

Renewing an existing agreement

Six months before the expiry of an agreement, the Western Sydney International Office will initiate the Agreement Renewal Process, which includes a review of  the outcomes delivered during the term of the agreement. This will form part of the decision to renew the agreement. 

Key Performance Indicators of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

  • What outcomes have been achieved during the life of the agreement?

Key Performance Indicators of an Exchange Agreement

  • What number of students undertook exchange over the period of the agreement?
  • What is the reciprocity balance? 
  • What is the forecasted exchange quota (i.e. will it increase, decrease, or remain stable)?
  • If the current exchange number is not balanced, are there any measures that can be taken to restore the balance?
  • Will the institutional partner consider study abroad options?

Key Performance Indicators of an Articulation/Guaranteed Entry Agreement

  • How many Western Sydney University students have been enrolled through the Articulation or Guaranteed Entry Agreement?
  • Have there been any challenges with this partner  (e.g.  administration issues, quality of students, etc.)?
  • Are student numbers likely to increase or decrease?
  • Are there any strategic considerations relevant to continuing this agreement (e.g. change of curriculum, retirement of a program, etc.)?

Renewal Procedure

Step 1: An annual review of the performance of existing partnerships and agreements is conducted by the Western Sydney International Office in collaboration with Schools.  

Step 2: Schools/Research Centres/Units/Western Sydney International raise renewal request with the International Partnerships team.

Step 3: Obtain Schools/Research Centres/Units' endorsement for the proposed renewal.

Step 4: Western Sydney International Partnerships Team prepare the draft Extension/Renewal document and liaise and manage the renewal process with the university partner.

Step 5: Recommendation is made to the Director of Western Sydney International for endorsement.

Step 6: Agreements escalated to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Vice-President (Academic) for endorsement.

Step 7: Agreement to be signed off by the Vice-Chancellor and President.

Step 8: Signed documents to be returned to Western Sydney International. An electronic copy will be forwarded to the University's proposer and institutional partner for reference.  An original signed copy will be express couriered to the university partner for signing. 

Step 9: The University Proposer and partner institution to return the signed original document to Western Sydney International for registration and archiving.