Financial information for agents

This page lists general advice only. For details in relation to terms and conditions for payments refer to your Western Sydney University Agent Agreement. Please note, if you charge a fee to students for agency services which relates to applications, you must tell the students that it is a fee between you and the student and is NOT required by Western Sydney University and does not form part of any payment made by them to us. Any issues or concerns relating to commission payments are to be directed to your Regional Manager.


Commission for full degree students

An agent is considered to have recruited a student when all of the following apply:
  • the agent submits the student's application for admission and that application bears the agent's name
  • the agent submits an acceptance by the student of any letter of offer from us for a place in a Western Sydney University course
  • the agent submits written verification that the student has paid the course fee.
We will pay commission for each student who:
  • has been recruited by the representative in compliance with the Western Sydney University and The College Agent Agreement
  • is enrolled in a course at Western after census date for each session
  • has remained continuously enrolled in that course at Western for a period exceeding four weeks
  • has paid the respective course fee and any other required fees to us
We will not pay a commission if a student recruited by the agent at any time undertakes a course offered by Western Sydney University other than those specifically identified in the application for enrolment and for which the student was first recruited by the agent.

Claiming your commission

Commission details for each student will be loaded into StudyLink and sent to each Agent for verification after census date for each session.
    An agent must log into StudyLink to review commission details sent by Western Sydney University. Once reviewed, an agent can view the commission details and approve.

    If the agent does not agree with the information provided, they can dispute the commission details and leave a comment.

    Please see StudyLink Commissions User Manual (opens in a new window) for more details.

Invoices to be paid by The College

Invoices to be paid by The College should be emailed to

Please include The College's provider address on the invoice:

UWS Enterprises
Locked Bag 1797
Penrith NSW 2751

Any issues or concerns relating to commission payments are to be directed to your Regional Manager.


Student refunds

Students are to complete the Request for Fee Refund – International Students Only form [PDF, 97.1 KB] (opens in a new window). This form can be used for both Western Sydney University and The College applicants/students seeking a fee refund. When a sponsoring body or scholarship agency pays the student's fees, any refund will be paid to that sponsoring body or scholarship agency.

The student must provide relevant documentary evidence, together with the mailing address where they want the refund to be sent.

The exact refund students will be entitled to depends on the reason why they need a refund and how quickly they notify Western Sydney University or The College in writing.

For specific details of our International Student Fees and Refund Agreement refer to your agent manual.

Requests for refunds

Any issues or concerns relating to refunds are to be directed to your Regional Manager in the first instance.