Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

For International studentsFaqs

Is it difficult to get a place in Western Sydney University residential accommodation?

Accommodation places fill up quickly at many of our campuses, so we recommend that you apply early to secure your place. If accommodation places are full at your campus of study, you can ask to be considered for accommodation at one of our other campuses.

Will I be guaranteed accommodation at my first choice?

Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee that you will receive accommodation at your first choice. To increase your chances of being allocated accommodation through the Western Sydney University Village (opens in a new window), we recommend you apply early. 

For more information, visit the Western Sydney University Village (opens in a new window) website.

How do I register for airport pick-up?

To receive airport pick-up you must book using the application form available in the International Offer Pack (PDF, 1523.42 KB).(opens in a new window) We require 5 working days notice prior to your arrival in Australia in order to confirm your airport pick-up.

Please ensure that you receive a confirmation of airport pick-up from Western Sydney International (this is sent to your e-mail address). Without a confirmation from Western Sydney International your airport pick up is not guaranteed.

What if I don't know where I will be living?

Unfortunately, airport pick-up will not be provided without a confirmed accommodation destination. You must advise your accommodation destination at the time of booking your airport pick-up. If no destination is advised we will be unable to confirm your airport pick-up.

Can I change my course after acceptance?

If you want to change your course of study, your application will need to be re-assessed to ensure you meet the admission requirements for your new choice. If you are successful in your application to the new course you will need to be issued with a new eCoE.

Can I change my campus after acceptance?

Generally, it is not possible to change your campus of study after accepting your offer. This is particularly the case for high demand courses such as Bachelor of Nursing, MPA, Master of Accountancy and Graduate Diploma in Accounting. Please check your campus location before accepting your offer of place.

How far is it to commute from downtown Sydney to my campus of study?

Distance and travel times vary depending on the campus you elect to study. To assess travel times we recommend you carefully read the information available on the campus information page.

Another useful source of information on travel times is the Transport Infoline (opens in a new window) website.

Do I really need to attend the Orientation program?

The Western Sydney International Student Orientation program is compulsory for all new students.

The program is designed to introduce you formally to the University and the key staff you will have contact with during your studies at the University. It also provides crucial information and advice that will assist you in adjusting to the living and learning environment of the University.  Apart from the official enrolment and information sessions, the Orientation program also gives you the opportunity to meet other students and participate in social activities and excursions.

When is the best time to apply for Advanced standing?

We recommend that international students apply for Advanced Standing at the same time they apply for admission. This ensures that your offer and eCoE are issued for the period of study required to complete the program – taking into consideration the amount of Advanced Standing awarded.

Students who apply for Advanced Standing after accepting their offer can face issues with their enrolment and student visa. Where the period of study has been reduced, The University is required to advise DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) (opens in a new window) and issue a new CoE.

Does my student visa allow me to work while I study?

People granted student visas after April 26 2008 will receive permission to work with their visa grant. Students are not allowed to work until they have started their course.

Am I allowed to change to study at another institution in Australia?

Student visa conditions require you to remain for 6 months with the education provider whose course you accepted, and for which your student visa was issued.