Frequently Asked Questions

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Who do I contact about swipe cards, security access, security issues or hazardous conditions?

How do I log a maintenance/service request?

Log a maintenance/service using WesternNow or call 9852 5800 (extn 5800)

What equipment/infrastructure is looked after by Division of I&C and what is unit funded?

Why does general waste and recycling go in the same compactor?

General waste is separated and sorted at the waste facility resulting in better recycling outcomes.

What hours do the cleaners work?

Monday to Friday 3am to 8am with occasional weekend cleaning and day cleaners most sites.

What days are my offices cleaned?

Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

I don’t have a general waste bin in my office, where do I put my rubbish?

You can request a small red desktop bin by completing a maintenance/service request.  Office staff are responsible for emptying these frequently into the kitchen bins provided.

The air conditioning isn’t working - who do I contact?

Log a maintenance/service request in WesternNow or call 9852 5800 (extn 5800)

How do I request a copy of a key?

Log a maintenance/service request in WesternNow.

How do I access aerial photography images?

Staff can request access to Aerial Photography by submitting a request in WesternNow.

Students can also request access by submitting a request through WesternNow under 'Aerial Photography Requests'.

How do I raise a work request for the Logistics team?

All correspondence and work requests are to be emailed to Your email becomes the team's worksheet.

What day does Logistics deliver to my campus?

How does mail get picked up and delivered to staff and students residing on campus?

All the University's incoming and outgoing mail is sorted by the Logistics team (opens in a new window) in Building R on Kingswood campus before being delivered to the drop-off/pick-up points on each campus.

How can I post a business-related parcel or item that does not fit in the internal mail bag?

When posting parcels, boxes and other large items that won’t fit inside your building's Logistics mail bag, contact

Where can I find information regarding the University’s heritage projects?

The University maintains a Heritage and Conservation Register capturing all University assets with environmental heritage significance (local or state).

The University also maintains Heritage Asset Management Strategies (HAMS) for all campuses with items of heritage significance to demonstrate best practice heritage and asset management.

Where can I find information on campus masterplans?

The Campus Master Plans are intended to protect the functionality and integrity of each campus, amplifying its special character and enabling the University’s growth and further development in the decades to come. Please contact the Strategic Planning Team who can help with more information about the University’s master plans.

Where can I find information regarding the University’s environmental sustainability goals?

As a signatory to supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030, the University is deeply committed to sustainability, not just of the institution or its campuses and infrastructure, but to the health and well-being of University communities and stewardship of the environment.

Where can I find Western Growth projects information?

Western Growth (opens in a new window) is a large-scale transformative program led by the University, to provide the highest quality learning opportunities and world-class research expertise in Western Sydney.

I have a project in mind, how can I initiate a project?

The University’s Office of Strategy, Performance and Risk (SPR) has a standardised process for managing the pipeline, initiation and governance of projects enabling strategic investment decisions to be made.

How do I request new or pre-loved furniture?

How do I request WHS&W workplace ergonomic adjustment furniture?

Following an WHS&W ergonomic assessment (opens in a new window), specified items including an ergonomic task chair or desk riser can be ordered via Oracle iProcurement.

How do I request a change in signage?

Submit an online work request (opens in a new window). To report a signage error or damage, please submit a maintenance request through Western Now (opens in a new window).

Where and what are the Signage and Information Display Standards?

The Signage and Information Display Standards PDF, 11177.26 KB (opens in a new window) ensure consistency of wayfinding and information display within the University.

How do I initiate a new project?

Please contact the Strategic Planning Team to discuss your requirements, who will be able to help with determining an efficient approvals pathway by following the completion of a Project Initiation Brief, and submission through the SPR team.

What is the COVID capacity of our space?

To assist with return to campus planning, ‘Physical Distancing’ floor plans and room data are now available on the University’s Geographic Information System (GIS).

How do I request or relinquish space/room allocation, or request a change of space/room use?

Refer to Space Allocation Guidelines and refer to WesternNow knowledge articles at the space request link below. Submit a space request (opens in a new window).

Building floor plans are available on the University's Geographic Information System (opens in a new window) (GIS).

Where can I get building plans and information?

Spatial data (floor plans, room photos, aerial photos) and related information about the University's physical assets (buildings, rooms, roads, paths and underground services), including space assignments are available through the University’s Geographic Information System (GIS) (opens in a new window). 

Additional requests can be made through  WesternNow (opens in a new window).

What is the University’s policy regarding staff space allocation?

The University’s Space Policy (opens in a new window) provides effective and efficient planning, management and control of accommodation and space are key to the University's strategic planning and operational effectiveness.

What is the zoning of this land?

Zoning information is available on the NSW Government Planning Portal (opens in a new window). Type in the property address or Lot details to see information about zoning, height, floor space, heritage and other relevant planning controls.

Further information can be obtained from relevant Council websites.