CharterNet R&D Scholarship


$10,000 per year for duration of degree


New or continuing students


Any degree within the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics


Applicants must;

  • be Australian citizens or permanent residents
  • be commencing study or currently enrolled full-time or part-time in any year of any degree in the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics
  • be achieving a GPA of 4.0 or above, or have an ATAR of 85 and above.
  • be willing to work with CharterNet to agree to terms for paid employment as an R&D Intern for a minimum 30 hours per week during their degree
  • agree to remain employed for a minimum 37.5 hours per week at CharterNet for 12 months after completing their degree


CharterNet is a professional services firm that specialises in the research and development industry. It helps clients to apply for government incentives for undertaking research and development activities. CharterNet distinguishes itself from its competitors through its focus on helping clients with significant business growth potential, particularly in industries where technical innovation is prevalent. CharterNet has obtained million dollars of government funding on behalf of clients to fund innovation.

There are abundant opportunities for members of the CharterNet team to develop strong professional relationships with key people in pioneering companies and obtain unique exposure to revolutionary, unreleased innovations in technology. CharterNet provides an ideal environment for students to obtain, develop and master key technical and professional business skills. Quality training programs help those who have never studied business before. The current research and development team is made up mainly of postgraduates from diverse scientific disciplines.

With this scholarship, CharterNet offers students an amazing opportunity to join a rapidly growing professional services firm to make the perfect start to their professional career.

Applications and Selection Process

Applicants must provide a statement in support of their application indicating how they believe the receipt of the scholarship will assist them with their studies and in their future career. This statement should give a sufficient explanation of the applicant's background and current circumstances to enable the University to judge their eligibility, need and merit.

Successful applicants will be selected based on their written application, academic potential, their ability to meet the criteria and, where appropriate, performance in an interview before a selection panel.

Applications for this scholarship are now closed.