My Virtual Lab

Teleporting computer lab applications to your personal device!

My Virtual Lab is a new service, tailored for students attending the Learning Studios in Parramatta City Campus (1PSQ). A core objective of our University's Securing Success 2015-2020 strategy is to develop a distinctively student-centred University, and to create a unique learning experience that is innovative, flexible, and responsive. My Virtual Lab propels our University one step closer to realising this vision, by empowering students with access to core learning applications from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.    

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What is My Virtual Lab?

My Virtual Lab allows students to access their University IT computer lab software applications from their very own devices, using an application called Citrix Receiver. Traditionally, if a student would like to access applications that are in IT computer labs or libraries, they would be required to travel to one of our campuses, locate a free computer, and then gain access to these applications. My Virtual Lab revolutionises this model, by teleporting these applications straight to a student's own computer, wherever they are located. All a student needs is a good internet connection, and a computer with My Virtual Lab installed.

Want to see which applications are available on My Virtual Lab? Visit the Applications list for My Virtual Lab (opens in a new window) page.

Who can access My Virtual Lab?

School of Business students who are enrolled to take classes in the new 1PSQ campus in 2017, will have access to My Virtual Lab. For a list of unit name & numbers, please see the Units powered with My Virtual Lab (opens in a new window) page.  

When can I access My Virtual Lab?

Any student who has enrolled in any unit mentioned on the Units powered with My Virtual Lab (opens in a new window) page, can access My Virtual Lab beginning Q1, 2017.

How do I access My Virtual Lab?

You will need to perform several steps to enable My Virtual Lab on your device. An application called Citrix Receiver is required to enable the My Virtual Lab connection. Visit to begin a session. You will need to sign in with your Student ID and password.

Here are some guides that will help you get started:

Whichever device you choose to use for My Virtual Lab, please make sure that the software is up-to-date prior to class. If you're using a Windows device, makes sure Windows Update (opens in a new window) has been run, and is up-to-date. Mac Software Updates (opens in a new window) should also be up to date on Apple Macs. If Windows Updates or Mac Software Updates begin during your My Virtual Lab session, it will interfere with your work, and disconnect.

What kind of devices can I use?

The My Virtual Lab software is compatible on a large range of devices. You can install the software on any device, provided it has one of the following operating systems. 

Operating SystemVersion
Microsoft WindowsVista and above
Apple Mac OSX10.7 and above
Google Chrome OSv48 and above

Information Technology & Digital Services (ITDS) have tested and verified a number of devices for My Virtual Lab use. For a complete listing of makes and models, please visit the Verified devices for My Virtual Lab (opens in a new window) page.