Disposal of IT Equipment

Procurement, Asset and Equipment (PAE) is pleased to provide the disposal of University owned (non-leased) IT assets. Assets come in the form of leased and non-leased. If you are unsure about the category of your asset, please contact PAE on ext 7487. One of our friendly team members will assist you.

All leased IT assets must be returned to the lessor at lease end, and are not included in the processes described below. If you would like to know more about leased assets, more information can be found at the Leasing of Computer Equipment page. As much as we would like to assist in the disposal of privately owned equipment, it is the responsibility of the owner. The University has a facility for the disposal of  private mobile phones, which can be left in the Mobile Muster bins available at Security, the Library and the general purpose IT labs. For more information visit the Mobile Phone Disposal page. (opens in a new window)

PAE has engaged an external disposal agent to dispose of non-leased assets. Items incur a charge for removal, the charge will be applied against the disposing unit.

"Did you know that the University's assets are disposed of using Australia's only crushing and material sorting machine? Many vendors send E-waste overseas to receive the same treatments. This makes the Western Sydney University one of the country's businesses responsible for sustainable practices that divert waste away from land fill."

The disposal agent collects the items from your unit and removes all data and badging from the device. Devices are either refurbished for resale or broken up and recycled into new products. Help us be green by not disposing of electronic items in standard bins, as they may release toxins into the environment when decomposing.

Equipment marked for disposal is to be stored by the requesting department until the disposal agent's monthly collection - please refer to the timetable below.

It is beneficial to the University to dispose of unneeded equipment sooner rather than later. The longer obsolete equipment is retained, the more it costs to remove.


Download and complete the IT Non-leased Asset Disposal form (MS Excel, 92Kb):

  1. Include all equipment you wish to dispose of. Add extra lines if required. Please complete all fields to ensure the optimum return on the assets.
  2. Email the completed form to a delegated officer for approval. Only the following positions have delegation to approve asset disposals:

    • Deputy Vice Chancellors
    • Director Finance
    • Executive Deans
    • Directors
  3. After obtaining approval, the requesting officer will forward the email containing the approval to pae@westernsydney.edu.au, after changing the subject to IT ASSET DISPOSAL - APPROVED. If the approval email is not sent to PAE, the process may be significantly delayed.

What happens next?

  1. PAE checks the disposal list to ensure assets are not disposed of unnecessarily. Alternative strategies may be recommended, especially if assets are simply surplus.
    1. Forms received by PAE before the deadlines published below will be processed for collection by the disposal agent on the second Wednesday of the following month.

2015 disposals timetable

Submission DeadlineAgent Collection
  1. PAE arranges payment of the invoice from the cost centre nominated by the unit disposing of the equipment (or arranges payment to the cost centre if there is a return on the disposal).
  2. PAE removes computing asset from the asset register. If you are disposing of a non-computing electrical asset, your unit remains responsible for having the item removed from the asset register.

What if I wish to purchase some of this equipment myself?

Unfortunately this isn't possible. For more information please refer to the University's Asset Management Policy, which may be found in the University's Policy pages.

Service Fees

Fees are either charged to the cost centre nominated by the disposing unit, or deducted from any returns. The following service fees apply:

Transport Services (All UWS locations)Fee (ex GST)
 Less than 11 assets per collection

$120.00 minimum collection charge

 11 to 20 assets per collection

$8.50 per asset

 21+ assets per collection

$7.00 per asset

 Collection of units over 25kg


 Validation of assets against manifest


 Recycling Fee (ex GST)
 Category A - Desktop PC, laptops, servers, switches, routers, UPS, hard drives, data cabling and peripherals

$0.60 per kg

 Category B - Multi-function devices, desktop printers, scanners, fax machines, cameras and audio equipment

$0.80 kg

 Category C - CRT, LCD, LED and plasma televisions and monitors, batteries

$1.40 per kg

 Category D - This category is the fee to remove and process the print consumables (toner cartridges, toner bottles, rollers, fusers or any other part of a printer that has a residual toner or ink). This process is the cleaning of the product to remove any residual toner powder or oil and the recycling of the original cartridge or associated product.

$3.50 per kg

More information

An index of estimated weight per product type can be found in the Indicative Weight Per Product Type (opens in a new window) sheet.  For more information on disposing of computer equipment or the fees involved, please email us at pae@westernsydney.edu.au, or call on (02) 4570 1487 (ext 1487)