Asset Coordinators

Asset Coordinators play a pivotal role in the delivery of the Direct to Desk Refresh initiative. They equip Western Staff with the necessary tools for technology-enabled work.

Here is some information that may be useful to Asset Coordinators to undertake their duties.

Best Practice for Asset Coordinators

Asset Coordinators (AC’s) play a critical role in the management and reconciliation of information about Westerns hardware technology assets. These assets include WSU issued Laptops, Desktop Computers, Monitors, Printers and Facsimile machines.

AC’s work across all functions of Western, and often undertake these duties alongside other working commitments external to asset management. AC’s are highly organised individuals and understand the importance of keeping detailed records of assets and their owners and the role this plays in supplying accurate information to the Procurement & Corporate Services Team (PCS) and Information Technology and Digital Services (ITDS) to deliver the Direct to Desk Refresh initiative and Printer Refresh initiative.

AC's work closely with PCS and ITDS to relay important information relating to these assets. Activities of an AC include:

  • Keeping a detailed inventory of assets, such as: asset holder, staff number and asset location (campus, building, level, room, desk no).
  • Sharing these records with PCS and ITDS to reconcile and distribute leased assets in line with the Direct to Desk Refresh initiative.
  • Performing quarterly reviews and updating these records.

Asset Register Template

A sample Asset Register is available to Asset Coordinators who do not have a current register in place. Please note, WSU is working towards a formal Asset Register, so this sample is to be used as a guide until a formal solution is decided.


Key Contacts

Questions or concerns? Please contact PCS at or raise a general Procurement Case via Western Now