Computer Equipment

Purchase of Computer Equipment

How do I purchase computer equipment?

IT Finance and Procurement (ITFP) is pleased to provide the service for the acquisition of computers and related equipment on behalf of the University. Our aim is to provide University schools and divisions with total IT solutions to fulfil their business needs, through accurate advice and expertise in the key areas of procurement, deployment, disposal and asset management. Orders are placed through Oracle iProcurement which has been designed to automate the ordering process of goods and services. Access Training for iProcurement through MyCareer Online, available via Staff OnLine. (opens in a new window)

If you are unsure of what to order, clients are welcome to seek the advice of the ITFP team to ensure that your purchases will meet your needs for today and the future.

What ITFP will do for you:

  • Assess your needs and how they fit within the University's IT environment
  • Resolve software licensing issues
  • Ensure that new equipment is compatible with old, and if not, advise on solutions
  • Assist you to remain within the University's Standard Operating Environment recommendations, which guarantees full support from ITDS
  • Ensure that we are helping you plan for the future
  • Assist you with ordering through iProcurement
  • Leasing for both IT kit and VOE (Various Other Equipment).

Acquiring IT equipment is a specialised skill, we hope that you will rely on the expertise of our team to assist you with making selections.

How to order?

To order standard IT equipment, go into either the 'Computers' or 'IT Stuff stores' on iProcurement, depending on your needs.

IT Peripherals can be ordered through Staples. A link is accessible to this website via the 'IT Store' in iProcurement.

ITFP assist schools and divisions on a daily basis. If you require assistance with ordering machines, email our friendly staff at

If you would prefer to talk to someone over the phone, call extension 1ITP (1487).

ITFP Key Contacts

Choosing a computer

Only computers meeting the University's standards receive full ITDS support at no additional charge. Commonly supplied equipment is available on iProcurement in the IT stores (IT Stuff and Computers).

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How do I chase an order?

We strive to provide a pro-active service, so we hope that we have contacted you about any delays long before you have a need to chase an order. To check the status of your order, please contact the ITFP team on extension 1487 or

How do I get delivery of my goods?

ITFP staff specialise in the deployment of products. Most products will be delivered to you direct from our vendors, but sometimes they will arrive in our store. On these occasions our friendly staff will contact you to make arrangements for delivery. Please contact the ITFP team if you have any questions relating to deliveries.

Can I purchase IT equipment on my University Corporate Credit Card?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. All IT purchases must be processed through ITFP. For more information, please refer to the University's Corporate Credit Card Policy, which states that no IT equipment can be purchased on University corporate credit cards.

What if I have a question that is not covered here?

The ITFP team will be happy to respond to your questions. We try to make it our culture to be one step ahead of you but if for some reason this does not happen please contact us.

Remember . . . . ITFP – Our job is to serve you.

Personal purchases of desktop and laptop machines

From time to time vendors offer University staff and students discounted pricing for computers bought directly from the vendor's web site. ITFP will provide further information of any offers that may become available to staff.

Machines purchased under these offers are not supported by the University. Any purchases are completely private and all details are between you and the vendor. The University is not responsible for any transaction, warranty, or related issues.

Personal printers

University staff are now able to purchase Fuji Xerox printers at discounted prices.

Personal software

Please visit the Staff Advantage website (opens in a new window) for information on how University staff can obtain Microsoft Office for free. University staff are also able to purchase selected Adobe software packages at significant discounts. Please view the Staff Software Benefits website (opens in a new window) for more information on how to access this offer.

Disposal of computer equipment

Please see the new Disposal of computer equipment page.

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