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This page is aimed at visitors using eduroam® facilities while attending Western Sydney University campuses. University staff and students intending to use eduroam® at other participating organisations should visit the staff and students page for information.

What is eduroam®?

eduroam® is a TERENA registered trademark, and an abbreviation of educational roaming. Members of participating organisations worldwide are able to securely and wirelessly access the Internet using their regular wireless login credentials while visiting any other participating organisation.

eduroam® users do not need to obtain a guest user account at organisations they visit, as they would have had to in the past.

How do I get access to eduroam®?

Access to eduroam is granted by your home organisation (participating organisations only). You will need to ensure that your home organisation has given you the level of access required.

Your login credentials (user ID/login name and password) will be provided by your home organisation and will generally be in the format username@your_organisation's_domain.

Where can I use eduroam® at Western Sydney University?

Visitors are able to access eduroam® at Western WiFi wireless hotspots strategically positioned on all campuses.

What can I do with eduroam?

eduroam® provides access to:

  • The web, via any standard web browser (HTTP and HTTPS protocols)
  • Email (via POP3, IMAP and SMTP protocols) 
  • Skype
  • VPN (via PPTP VPN and IPSEC VPN)


It is important that you check the instructions available at your home institution for connecting and authenticating to eduroam®. This information is essential for successfully connecting to eduroam® anywhere in the world. If possible, test your equipment on eduroam® at your home institution before leaving.

In addition to the settings recommended by your home institution, you may require the following information for your equipment to work properly at Western Sydney University:

SSID eduroam
Access Point Authentication 802.1X security with WPA2/AES
Login credentials Visitors are to use the credentials provided by their home organisation
Proxy setting Automatically detect settings


eduroam® uses the most secure encryption and authentication standards available.

Where can I use eduroam® outside of the University?

Visit the eduroam® website (opens in a new window) for maps showing participating organisations worldwide.


The first point of support for visitors using eduroam® is this web page and associated information. eduroam® users should review the information found here before contacting the IT Service Desk for further support.

We will provide visitors with support for connection problems within its network, however, it may be necessary for you to contact your home institution for additional support.

Detailed service and technical information is now available on the eduroam® wiki.(opens in a new window)

IT Service Desk

Telephone: 02 9852 5111
Extension: 5111
MyIT Web Portal:


All use of information technology systems at Western Sydney University is governed by local laws, the IT Acceptable Use of Resources Policy and other relevant University policies. Visitors using eduroam® must also abide by their home institution's policies. In the event of any conflict between policies, the most restrictive will apply. In accordance with various University policies, all use of IT systems is logged and such logs may be subpoenaed as evidence or used for other investigative purposes.

In addition, all users of eduroam® are required to comply with the eduroam® national policy for Australia and New Zealand.(opens in a new window)

eduroam® Internet access is not filtered. Use of eduroam® is restricted to persons over 18.

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