Strategic Initiatives and Research Centres

ICS Strategic Initiatives

  • Circles of Sustainability - How can we rethink questions of sustainability in such a way that enables positive, practical and integrated change in cities, communities and organisations? Access information about Circles of Sustainability.
  • Community Economies - What is enabled when the economy is represented as a heterogeneous series of lived practices — as opposed to a singularly capitalist, space? Access information about Community Economies.
  • SISTER-Hub - Housed at the Institute for Culture and Society, the Sustainable Transitions Engaged Research Hub (SISTER-Hub) is a partnerships platform bringing members from across the Greater Sydney region to work together to co-produce new knowledge for sustainability transitions. Access information about SISTER-Hub.

Research Centre

  • Young and Resilient Research Centre - How can children and young people’s technology practices be used to support their wellbeing? Access information about Young and Resilient.