Cities and Economies

How are cities and economies changing in response to global pressures and innovations?

Global pressures are reshaping the relations between cities and economies. The program draws on urban, economic, geographic, political, and cultural theory to understand how these relations are changing during a time of unprecedented environmental and technological transformation. Our research seeks to identify opportunities for meeting the needs of cities and their governing bodies by rethinking the idea of economies — in particular the way in which the capitalist economy tends to crowd out other economic practices that exist outside the field described by conventional economics. We are developing experimental and participatory approaches to enable organisational, cultural, and municipal governance to respond to multiple challenges: climate change adaptation, wellbeing in aging societies, cultural policy, and effective use of technology in urban governance. End-users of our research include Parramatta City Council, Sydney City Council, City of Port Phillip, SEMZ Property Group, Urban Growth NSW, Landcom, Sydney Water, Canterbury Bankstown Council.