Research Projects - 2013

'A Nation of "Good Sports"'? Cultural Citizenship and Sport in Contemporary Australia

Researcher: Professor David Rowe
Funding: Australian Research Council (opens in a new window), Discovery Project
Period: 2013-2015
Webpage: 'A Nation of "Good Sports"'? Cultural Citizenship and Sport in Contemporary Australia Thumbnail of cricket game at Sydney Cricket Ground showing players, the crowd and the scoreboard.

Sport is regarded, officially and popularly, as both characterising and uniting Australians. But sport's relationship to national culture is changing in response to shifts in both sporting participation and embodied/mediated spectatorship, and in the nation itself. This project reconsiders Australia's oft-remarked sporting 'obsession' in this dynamic context and its implications for cultural citizenship in the construction of (trans)national identities and affinities. It will advance conceptual and empirical understanding of the constituents of national sports culture and contribute to academic, policy and public debates surrounding Australia's sport and media systems, and the uses and meanings of sport among Australia's diverse citizenry.

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Logistics as Global Governance: Labour, Software and Infrastructure Along the New Silk Road

Researchers: Professor Brett Neilson and Professor Ned Rossiter from the Institute for Culture and Society with Professor Ursula Huws, Professor William Walters, Professor Ranabir Samaddar, Associate Professor Sandro Mezzadra, Dr Eleni Kambouri and Dr Hernan Cuevas
Funding: Australian Research Council (opens in a new window), Discovery Project
Period: 2013-2015

data centre China is building a New Silk Road. It is set to revolutionise relations of trade and production, linking Asia to Europe and Latin America. This project investigates the cultural and social transformations introduced by this emerging economic network. Focusing on three key infrastructural hubs (the ports of Piraeus, Valparaíso and Kolkata), the project will advance understandings of how logistical processes manage labour forces and contribute to global governance. Digital methods will be used to: 1) build innovative platforms for broadening debates and research practices concerning software, labour and globalisation, and 2) provide a 'serious game' to illustrate changing scenarios of work and culture along the New Silk Road.

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Recalibrating Culture: Production, Consumption, Policy

Researchers: Professor Deborah Stevenson, Professor David Rowe
Australian Research Council (opens in a new window), Linkage Project
Period: 2013-2016
Partners/collaborators: Auburn City Council, Fairfield City Council, Liverpool City Council, Parramatta City Council, Penrith City Council, The Council of the City of Sydney and Information and Cultural Exchange
Project webpage: Recalibrating Culture: Production, Consumption, Policy
» Fact sheet (opens in a new window)(PDF, 191KB)

Thumbnail of collection of video stills arranged in a square pattern.This project documents and analyses changing modes of cultural production and consumption in Australia through a case study of the cultural economy of its most dynamic urban area, Greater Western Sydney. It advances theoretical-conceptual understanding and empirical knowledge of networks of contemporary cultural employment and activity, exposing and exploring interactions among key agents within diverse, growing cultural practitioner communities. In adding value to 'broad-brush' national cultural statistics, Recalibrating Culture will develop and validate a new cultural policy approach to Australian cultural development that, for the first time, effectively aligns with rapidly changing conditions and practices of the 'new' cultural economy.

Artwork: Khaled Sabsabi

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The Skin of Commerce: the Role of Plastic Packaging in the Construction of Food Security, Waste and Consumer Activism in Australia

Researchers: Professor Gay Hawkins, Dr Andrea Westermann (University of Zurich), Dr Catherine Phillips
Funding: Australian Research Council (opens in a new window) , Discovery Project
Period: 2013-2017

Thumbnail image of plastic water bottles.This project investigates the history and impacts of plastic on food production, markets and waste streams and evaluates innovative industry strategies to reduce the over reliance on plastic. If we live in an overpackaged world how might this mundane material and serious waste burden be challenged while still ensuring food supply? Three key issues will be investigated: the interactions between the plastics and food industries in Australia; consumer activism about plastic waste; and new market practices that reduce plastic packaging.

Photograph: Ricardo Bernardo (opens in a new window)

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