Research Projects - 2006

Advancing Cultural Research in Australian and European Contexts: Citizenship, Migration and Globalisation

Researchers: Associate Professor Brett NeilsonProfessor Kay Anderson, Fiona AllonFunding: University of Western Sydney Eminent Research Visitors SchemePartner: Associate Professor Sandro MezzadraUniversity of Bologna, ItalyPeriod: 2006-2008

AHURI Scholarship - Anne Hurni - Urban development, transport and child health: the case of Western Sydney

Researcher: Professor Kay Anderson
Funding: Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute
Period: 2006-2010

A Study of the Brazilian Community in Australia and Australian-Brazilian Bilateral Exchange

Researcher: Dr Christina Rocha (Australian Postdoctoral Fellow)
Funding: Australian Research Council (opens in a new window)
Period: 2006-2008
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Doing the Knowledge: Youth in Transition in Marrickville

Researchers: Dr George Morgan, Bronwyn Davies and Philip TonerFunding: University of Western Sydney Partnership GrantPartner: Western Sydney Region Councils through WSROC (opens in a new window)Period: 2006

Open Cities: Urban Citizenship in Sydney and Berlin

Researchers: Fiona Allon, Professor Kay Anderson, Professor Ien Ang, Justine Lloyd, Russell West-Pavlov, Mark Stein
Funding: Australian Research Council (opens in a new window)
Partner: Free University of Berlin (opens in a new window), Germany
Period: 2006-2007

The Art of Engagement: Exploring a Contemporary Arts - Business Collaboration

Researchers: Elaine Lally, Professor Ien Ang, Professor Kay Anderson, Elizabeth Macgregor
Partners and Funding: Museum of Contemporary Art (opens in a new window), Penrith Regional Gallery (opens in a new window), Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre (opens in a new window), Australian Research Council (opens in a new window)
Period: 2006-2008

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