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ICS has a substantial history of successfully serving the region in which it is located. Given that its mission is to carry out “research on the transformations in culture and society in the context of contemporary global change”, ICS could have no more suitable terrain for its work than diverse, dynamic Greater Western Sydney. To look closely at the region is to glimpse the Australia of the future in-the-making, a place that is rapidly changing, multicultural, and globally connected that distinctively combines the Indigenous, settler and migrant experiences that comprise the modern nation.

ICS is dedicated to “making the difference” in Greater Western Sydney by constructively engaging with its people and organisations. This means drawing on international knowledge in conducting original, ground-breaking applied research and proposing new answers to the complex cultural and social questions that confront a world in constant flux.  

This feature provides a snapshot of ICS’s research activity in Greater Western Sydney.  It includes a sample of engaged research projects already carried out and currently in progress on a wide range of subjects, including access to recreational space in Penrith, Parramatta’s night-time economy, regional cultural institutions and creative work, community experiences and stories, and new forms of citizenship among Greater Western Sydney’s young people. This work has produced the listed selection of academic publications and reports, as well as stimulated public events and media commentary that has facilitated community debate about the cultural and social issues addressed by the research.  

Institute researchers are also involved with local schools, helping to bridge the gap between secondary and university education in a region where tertiary participation is below the national average. They participate as experts on committees and contribute to the making of cultural and social policy in the region and beyond. Many of the ICS’s research students focus their research on Greater Western Sydney, covering such topics as the region’s sporting culture, the resettlement experiences of migrant and refugee young people, community arts collaborations, and the use of digital media. This activity ensures the constant renewal of research and the research workforce dedicated to Greater Western Sydney’s culture and society.

ICS is committed to continuing and extending the productive research relationship with Greater Western Sydney documented in this feature. Indeed, the futures of Australia’s most cosmopolitan region and most innovative cultural and social research institute are inextricably and happily linked. Postgraduate study

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