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Long before the Australian Government's 2012 Australia in the Asian Century White Paper, ICS was committed to the study of Asia. The Institute (and its predecessor unit the Centre for Cultural Research (CCR)) has gained a notable international reputation for innovative, interdisciplinary research on the region, and on the dynamic, complex connections between Asia and Australia.

The wide range of projects addressing contemporary Asia undertaken by ICS researchers is nurtured within and across all the Institute's core research themes. ICS's success in winning Australian Research Council (ARC) grants on Asia and the growing impact of Asian culture on Australian society reflects the ARC's National Research Priority 'Understanding Our Region and the World'. Projects typically involve colleagues from other parts of Western Sydney University and regularly involve collaborations with researchers from universities across Asia and other parts of the world. This research produces many research publications, a sample of which is presented below.

ICS also frequently hosts research conferences, symposia and workshops on Asia-related themes. For example, in 2012, together with Western Sydney University's School of Humanities and Communication Arts and Centre for the Study of Contemporary Muslim Societies, we hosted the highly successful 19th Biennial Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA), Knowing Asia: Asian Studies in an Asian Century.

Presented here are selected Asia-related research projects that have been led by ICS researchers in the recent past or are in progress, as well as some of their scholarly outputs. This sample of work exemplifies the depth and scope of the Institute's activity in this vibrant area of research.

For examples of our research in this area please see the pages below:

To read ICS members' responses to the government's White Paper see the Australia in the Asian Century (opens in a new window)story within the News section of the ICS website.

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Photo above by Tim Winter.

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