Gender and Sport Research

Gender and Sport Research

In 2023 Australia and New Zealand will host the FIFA Women’s World Cup. With the tickets all sold out and the first round about to commence, we have pulled together a selection of the work done by ICS researchers on sport, gender, and identity. Check out some of our work below, or get in touch (opens in a new window) if you want to know more.


Women’s football in Latin America: social challenges and historical perspectives (vol 1. Brazil) by (eds) Jorge Knijnik and Ana Costa.

Women’s football in Latin America: social challenges and historical perspectives (vol 2. Hispanic Countries) by (eds) Jorge Knijnik and Gabriela Garton.

Futebol das Mulheres no Brasil: emancipação resistências e equidade by (eds) Barreto Januario, S. and Jorge Knijnik

O jogo das letras: práticas esportivas e futebol de mulheres nas páginas do Jornal dos Sports (1931-1941) by Kelen Katia Prates Silva.

Book Chapters

Gender and Football in Brazil: The Impact of the Paulistana Over a Generation of Brazilian Women Players. In Women’s Football in a Global, Professional Era (pp. 101-114) by Jorge Knijnik

More Than a Man: Richarlyson, Ambiguous and Non-orthodox Masculinities in South American Football. In Lesbian, Gay, and Transgender Athletes in Latin America (pp. 115-131) by Jorge Knijnik

‘Gendered Violence in, of and by Sport News’, in Journalism, Gender and Power by David Rowe.

‘Gender, Media and the Sport Scandal’, in Handbook of Sport, Gender, and Sexuality by David Rowe

‘Sport, Masculinisation and Feminisation’, in Routledge Companion to Media and Gender by David Rowe.

Os silêncios nas camisas: onde estão as mulheres na história do futebol brasileiro? in Diálogos interseccionais. Porto Alegre: Cirkula by Kelen Katia Prates Silva.

"Who Owns the Ball? Gender (Dis)Order and the 2014 FIFA World Cup" In Sport, Gender and Mega-Events (Emerald Studies in Sport and Gender) by Jorge Knijnik, Rohini Balram, and Yoko Kanemasu

Journal articles

‘Women’s Sport and Media: A Call to Critical Arms’, Feminist Media Studies (Commentary & Criticism) by David Rowe and Kelen Katia Prates Silva.

‘Media Framing of Women’s Football During the Covid-19 Pandemic’ by Keith D. Parry, Beth G. Clarkson, Ali Bowes, Laura Grubb, and David Rowe

É uma coisa indecente, imoral e escandalosa: os primeiros relatos sobre o football feminino na imprensa do Rio de Janeiro (1910-1920). by Kelen Katia Prates Silva

If things go South: The renewed policy of sport mega events allocation and its implications for future research by Billy Graeff and Jorge Knijnik

The impact of a sport mega event in the right to access public education: the case of the Porto Alegre communities affected by the 2014 Brazil world cup by Billy Graeff, Micheli Ghiggi and Jorge Knijnik

‘The Sporting Bubble as Gilded Cage: Gendered Professional Sport in Pandemic Times and Beyond’ by Adele Pavlidis and David Rowe

Women’s Tennis Diplomacy: Australia–China Cultural Relations and Li Na as a Sports Celebrity Diplomat of the Australian Open by Chuanqian Zhao and Jorge Knijnik

‘Exploring Participants’ Experiences of Sydney 2002 Gay Games: Intersections of Sport, Gender and Sexuality’ by David Rowe, Kevin Markwell, and Deborah Stevenson.

Visions of gender justice: Untested feasibility on the football fields of Brazil by Jorge Knijnik

Understanding Indo-Fijian girls’ experiences in sport, physical activity and physical education: an intersectional study, by Rohini Balram, Bonnie Pang and Jorge Knijnik

Kissing the badge: Club crests or corporate logos? by Alison Barnes.

Research Reports

The 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup: Human Rights Legacy and Impact for the Australian Grassroots Sports Gender Equity Agenda: A Pilot Study by Jorge Knijnik

Occasional Papers, Journalism, Blogs and Other Outputs

Australasia will Host the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup: What’s Not to Like? by David Rowe.

Angela Williamson’s Sacking Shows Gulf between Cricket Australia’s Words and Deeds by David Rowe.

The Game is Changing, baby: Chris Gayle and Sexism in Cricket by David Rowe.

Playing the Woman: Healy and Kyrgios Expose Sport’s Sexism Problem by David Rowe.

‘Sport: Scandal, Gender and the Nation’ by David Rowe.

The 2023 Women’s World Cup: Towards a Broad Human Rights Perspective for the Women’s Game by Jorge Knijnik

Las Matildas, nuestro equipo nacional by Jorge Knijnik

The Matildas enfiaram 6 na Seleção: notas sobre o futebol de mulheres na Austrália by Jorge Knijnik

Will girls ever own the ball? Women, football and gender legacy in Brazil by Jorge Knijnik

Esporte Unissex ou Transgênero? by Jorge Knijnik

Futbolera: A History of Women and Sports in Latin America by Jorge Knijnik.

Resenha de ‘Futbolera: A history of women and sports in Latin America’. Brenda Elsey e Joshua Nadel, Austin, University of Texas Press, 2019. (Portuguese version) by Jorge Knijnik