Case Studies

Adult Media Literacy in Australia

COVID-19 is the first pandemic of the 21st century and the first of its kind to occur at a time when information technology and social media platforms are being used on a mass scale. The prevalence of conspiracy theories about the virus and vaccines during this period led to mistrust in health authorities and risky behaviour. This experience has demonstrated the dangers of misinformation to society and put media literacy on the agenda of governments around the world, including Australia...Read more

Foundations For Belonging

Leaving your comfort zone and integrating into a new environment has challenges for everyone, but it is particularly difficult for refugees who navigate a new chapter of their lives in an unfamiliar country. In Australia, successful refugee integration is typically assessed by a narrow band of markers such as employment, education, English language proficiency, and health. While outcomes in these areas are important, they do not capture the full spectrum of factors contributing to belonging...Read more

Beyond Business

Is it possible to build a more socially just and environmentally sustainable manufacturing culture in Australia while maintaining profitability and growth? Can you stay committed to valuing your workers during the time of an unexpected disaster or introduce automation in plants without it leading to mass unemployment? According to the 2020 report published by a research team at the Institute for Society and Culture (ICS), Western Sydney University, the answer is yes to all these questions!...Read more.

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