Urban food economies - rethinking value for 'More-Than-Capitalist' futures

Researchers: Professor Katherine Gibson (ICS), Associate Professor Karin Bradley (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
Funding: Seed funding for the Environmental Humanities, A Mistra-Formas Environmental Humanities Collaboratory
Period: 2017–2018

At present, no model of urban development recognizes the value (both non-monetised and monetarised) circulating in and around urban food production sites that have been created by community action. Citizens thus have few means to push back against mainstream ‘growth as good’ visions of urban futures. The project aimed to organise a workshop in June 2017, bringing together a trans-disciplinary group of community and scholar-activists to:

  • rethink values associated with community-based food production
  • devise alternative indicators of value
  • model diverse value flows in ‘more than capitalist’ urban food economies
  • develop a larger collaborative research grant proposal to a major funding body.

Work is continuing to develop the Community Economies Return on Investment Tool as a way of capturing the value (broadly defined) created in a variety of urban food production sites. A research submission to the UK ESRC is under development.