Staggered Pathways: Temporality, Mobility and Asian Temporary Migrants in Australia

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Migrant mobilities between Australia and Asia are becoming more temporary and less linear. This project investigates the lived experience and the governance of 'temporally fluid' migration flows from Asia to Australia; explores migrants' senses of belonging over time at local, national and transnational scales; and develops methods and theories to analyse and visualise complex migrant journeys across borders, regions, visa statuses and labour markets. The use of time and temporality as framing concepts of the research will advance knowledge on how migration policy and migrants' decisions and experiences influence each other, and how belonging and transnationalism are being transformed by new types of mobility in the Asia-Pacific region.

Researcher: Dr Shanthi Robertson

Funding: Australian Research Council (opens in a new window), Discovery Early Career Researcher Award

Period: 2015-2018

Project website: (opens in a new window)

Photograph: Vincent Albanese (opens in a new window)