Re-drawing the economy: Creating place-based images that can travel Phase 2

This project received funding to conduct workshops in Finland, South Korea and Colombia with communities who are building ethical economies. The workshops were designed to allow communities to take a measure of their own economic lives and to make common cause with others by sharing what they’ve learned. The project was informed by relationships between the authors of Take Back the Economy: An Ethical Guide for Transforming our Communities (TBTE) (J.K. Gibson-Graham, Jenny Cameron and Stephen Healy), artists interested in visual representations of economic relations, and the book’s Finnish, Korean and Spanish translators. In the second stage representatives from each community joined, translators, artists from stage one with other artists and community in Barking, London home of Company Drinks — a community and art based social enterprise, and CASCO art Institute from the Netherlands. The workshop developed materials for a digital exhibition and website as well as teaching tools that can be used in a range of settings to help promote a post-capitalist logic of economy, where mutual aid, care, cooperation and common concern are practised.

Researchers: Professor Katherine Gibson (ICS), Dr Stephen Healy (ICS), Associate Professor Jenny Cameron (University of Newcastle), Associate Professor Wendy Harcourt (Erasmus University)
Funding: Antipode Foundation Scholar-Activist Project Award
Period: 2016–2018