Photos of the Past: The Negotiation of Identity and Belonging at Australian Tourism Sites

Afternoon shot of the famous Uluru rock in Northern Territory, Australia.This project aims to provide a comparative analysis of the way Australia's past is constructed and remembered at heritage tourism sites. Over the course of three years, the project will examine how messages presented at six different heritage tourism sites are used to underpin present day constructions of national belonging. For this, the researcher, Associate Professor Emma Waterton, will focus upon understanding how such messages affect memory and notions of identity by focusing upon visitor responses to atmosphere, mood and meaning. Methodologically, the project will involve the ubiquitous touristic practice of photography, which will allow the research to move beyond notions of representation and consider how processes of 'taking photos' can be used to access sensory experiences, recover memories and imbue touristic sites with meaning.

Researcher: Associate Professor Emma Waterton
Funding: Australian Research Council Opens in a new window, Discovery Early Career Researcher Award
Period: 2012-2016
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