Professor Robyn Bushell

Associate Professor Robyn Bushell with trees and the Female Orphan School in the background.

Professor Bushell teaches, researches and supervises PhD students in tourism planning, community development, quality of life and the conservation of cultural and natural heritage. Her work focuses on the values underpinning quality of life, wellness and sustainable development. She works closely with a range of national and international bodies related to heritage conservation including UNESCO World Heritage Centre, IUCN, UN-World Tourism Organisation, establishing policies and planning frameworks for development strategies involving tourism (in developed and developing countries) to be integrated with strategies to deliver broad benefits; examining the relationship between visitation to protected areas and world heritage sites; the role of interpretation in fostering awareness of conservation values and the values of protected places to people; and visitor impact management. Robyn served as the Australian Academic Coordinator for a DEST – EU funded pilot project (2005 -2007) Sharing Our Heritages: Master Classes in Natural and Cultural Heritage Management with 4 Australian, 4 European Universities, UNESCO-WHC and Parks Australia. She is Co-Chair of the Task Force on Tourism and Protected Areas, World Commission on Protected Areas; NSW Vice Chancellors' representative member of the NSW Environmental Education Council; Board member Booderee National Park; and member Blue Mountains National Park Regional Advisory Committee.

Professor Bushell's areas of expertise include natural and cultural heritage tourism planning, and community development.


  • B App Sc, Masters (Research), PhD (Urban and Regional Planning) University of Sydney

Awards and Recognition

  • 2004: UWS Nomination for the National Teaching Excellence Awards
  • 2002: UWS Vice Chancellor's Excellence Award in Teaching

Selected Publications

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