Professor Ned Rossiter

Director of Research, Institute for Culture and Society

Professor Ned Rossiter with trees and the Female Orphan School in the background.

Ned Rossiter is a media theorist noted for his research on network cultures, the politics of cultural labour, logistical media and data politics. Together with Brett Neilson and Tanya Notley, he is currently investigating data centres and the governance of labour and territory in Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney.

Ned was based Shanghai and Ningbo before taking up an appointment as Professor of Communication in 2011 at Western Sydney University. In 2014 he was seconded to the Institute for Culture and Society. He co-convenes the Digital Life research program and is currently an Institute Fellow with a joint position in the School of Humanities and Communication Arts. In 2015 Rossiter was appointed as a Member to the Australian Research Council's College of Experts and he holds that position until 2019. He was a Senior Research Fellow at Leuphana University's Digital Cultures Resesearch Lab, L√ľneburg in 2016.

He is the author of Organized networks: media theory, creative labour, new institutions (NAi Publications, 2006) and Software, infrastructure, labor: a media theory of logistical nightmares (Routledge, 2016). His co-edited volumes include Refashioning pop music in Asia: cosmopolitan flows, political tempos, and aesthetic industries (Routledge, 2004/2015) and MyCreativity reader: a critique of creative industries (Institute of Network Cultures, 2007), and he was co-editor of a special issue of Urban China on 'Creative China: Counter-Mapping Creative Industries' (2008). Rossiter's writings have been translated into Italian, Spanish, German, French, Finnish, Dutch, Chinese, Greek, Latvian and Hungarian.


  • PhD, 2005, (Media Studies), Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia
  • Grad. Dip., 1992, (Design), Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia
  • BA, 1992, (Media Studies), Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia

Awards and Recognition

  • 2016: Visiting Professor, Department of Media and Communications, Goldsmiths University of London
  • 2016: Senior Research Fellow, Digital Cultures Research Lab, Leuphana University
  • 2016-19: Member, Australian Research Council College of Experts
  • 2013: Visiting Research Professor, Centre for Digital Cultures, Leuphana University, L√ľneburg
  • 2013: Visiting Professor, Singapore Management University
  • 2011: Awarded an Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre for Creative Industries, Peking / Beida University, China
  • 2004-: Long-term adviser for and collaborator with the Institute of Network Cultures (opens in a new window), Hogeschool van Amsterdam
  • 2004-10: Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Cultural Research, University of Western Sydney
  • 2003: Visiting Fellow, Media and Communications, Melbourne University

Selected Publications

Neilson, B & Rossiter, N 2019, 'Theses on automation and labour', in D Bigo, E Isin & E Ruppert (eds), Data politics: worlds, subjects, rights, 1st edition (opens in a new window), Routledge.

Neilson, B, Rossiter, N & Samaddar, R 2018, ‘Making logistical worlds’, in B Neilson, N Rossiter and R Samaddar (eds), Logistical Asia: the labour of making a world region, Palgrave, Singapore, pp. 1-20.

Neilson, B, Rossiter, N & Samaddar, R (eds) 2018, Logistical Asia: the labour of making a world region (opens in a new window), Palgrave, Singapore.

Lovink, G & Rossiter, N 2018, Organization after social media (opens in a new window), Minor Compositions, New York.

Neilson, B, Rossiter, N & Samaddar, R (eds) 2018, Logistical Asia: the labour of making a world region (opens in a new window), Springer, Singapore.

Neilson, B & Rossiter, N (eds) 2017, Logistical worlds: infrastructure, software, labour, No.2, Kolkata (opens in a new window), Low Latencies, London.

Rossiter, N & Zehle, S 2017, ‘The experience of digital objects: toward a speculative entropology’ (opens in a new window), spheres: Journal for Digital Cultures, no. 3.

Rossiter, N 2017, ‘Paranoia is real: algorithmic governance and the shadow of control’, Media Theory (opens in a new window), vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 88-102.

Rossiter, N 2017, ‘FCJ-220 Imperial infrastructures and Asia beyond Asia: data centres, state formation and the territoriality of logistical media’ (opens in a new window), Fibreculture Journal, no. 29.

Rossiter, N 2016, Software, infrastructure, labor: a media theory of logistical nightmares (opens in a new window), Routledge, Abingdon and New York.

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