Associate Professor George Morgan

Dr George Morgan with trees and the Female Orphan School in the background.

George Morgan's research interests range from urban studies to Aboriginality and post-colonialism, to youth and precarious labour, to the politics of moral panics.

His current research considers how urban working class and minority (including Aboriginal and Middle Eastern) youth respond to the challenges of finding work and developing vocational aspirations in the 'creative industries'.

His books include (as sole author) Unsettled places: Aboriginal people and urbanisation in New South Wales (Wakefield Press, 2006); (with Pariece Nelligan) The creativity hoax (Anthem Press, forthcoming 2017); (as editor, both with Scott Poynting) Outrageous: moral panics in Australia (ACYS Press, 2007) and Global Islamophobia (Ashgate, 2012).


  • PhD, 2000, Sociology, Macquarie University, Australia
  • M.Phil, 1990, (degree by research/dissertation - Cultural Studies), Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, University of Birmingham, UK
  • BA (Hons), 1984, History, Australian National University, Australia

Honours and Awards

  • 2001: National Trust Prize for Multicultural History for Marrickville Backyards (Bloomings, Melbourne 2001)

Selected Publications

Morgan, G & Nelligan, P 2018, The creativity hoax: precarious work and the gig economy (opens in a new window), Anthem Press, London.

Morgan, G (forthcoming, under review) 2017, 'Herding cats: colonising creativity in the social factory', in R Gill & T Virani (eds), Creative hubs in question, Palgrave.

Idriss, S & Morgan, G (forthcoming) 2017, 'The inertia of masculinity: narratives of creative aspiration among Arab-Australian youth', in C Walker (ed.), Masculinity, labour and neo-liberalism, Palgrave.

Morgan, G 2016, 'Cannibalising the collegium: the plight of the humanities and social sciences in the managerial University', in J Habjan, S Gupta & H Tutek (eds), Academia and the production of unemployment, Palgrave.

Morgan, G & Wood, J 2016, 'The "academic career" in the era of flexploitation', in E Armano, A Bove & A Murgia (eds), Mapping precariousness, labour insecurity and uncertain livelihoods: subjectivities and resistance, Routledge, London.

Morgan, G 2015, 'Gangsta warrior bro: hip hop and urban Aboriginal youth', in S Baker, B Robards & B Buttigieg (eds), Youth cultures and subcultures: Australian perspectives, Ashgate, Aldershot, pp. 161-72.

Morgan, G & Nelligan, P 2015, 'Labile labour – gender, flexibility and creative work', Sociological Review, vol. 63, S1, pp. 66-83.

Morgan, G & Wood, J 2014, 'Creative accommodations: the fractured transitions and precarious lives of young musicians' (opens in a new window), Journal of Cultural Economy, vol. 7, no. 1, pp. 64-78.

Wulfhorst, C, Rocha, C & Morgan G 2014, 'Intimate multiculturalism: transnationalism and belonging amongst capoeiristas in Australia', Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, published online.

Morgan, G 2013, 'Aboriginal youth, work and aspiration in Sydney's Redfern/ Waterloo', in EJ Peters & C Anderson (eds), Indigenous in the city: contemporary identities and cultural innovation, UBC Press, Vancouver, 282-304.

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