Dr Sukhmani Khorana

Sukhmani is a Vice-Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellow. Sukhmani is based at the Young and Resilient Research Centre (opens in a new window). Sukhmani's research publications and grants span three main areas: diasporic film and culture, refugee media and empathy, and food in multicultural contexts. She has extensive experience in collaborating with community organisations and artists on projects benefiting diverse communities. With Kate Darian-Smith and Sue Turnbull, Sukhmani is a CI on a current ARC Linkage Project, 'Migration, Cultural Diversity and Television: Reflecting Modern Australia'. Sukhmani is the Australian node leader of the international 'Justice, Arts and Migration' network and a member of the Executive Board of the Asian Australian Studies Research Network.


  • PhD, Film, 2010, The University of Adelaide.
  • B. Media Honours, 2006, The University of Adelaide.

Research Focus

  • Migration and Social Change
  • Diversity in Screen Media
  • Refugee Narratives
  • Politics of Empathy
  • Food Media
  • Politics of Food

Selected Publications

Khorana, S., 2018. The Tastes and Politics of Inter-Cultural Food in Australia. Rowman & Littlefield.

Khorana, S., 2018. Watching to witness: Responses beyond empathy to refugee documentaries. In Ethical responsiveness and the politics of difference (pp. 133-149). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

Khorana, S., 2013. Crossover cinema: A genealogical and conceptual overview. Crossover Cinema, pp.15-25.

Khorana, S., 2020. Diverse Australians on television: from nostalgic whiteness to aspirational multiculturalism. Media International Australia174(1), pp.29-38.

Khorana, S., 2017. " Now I fight for belonging": a cosmopolitan refugee meets regional Australia in Constance on the Edge. Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media, pp.61-73.

Khorana, S., 2015. Self-distribution and Mary Meets Mohammad: towards ethical witnessing. Studies in Australasian Cinema9(1), pp.66-76.

Khorana, S., 2014. From ‘de-wogged’migrants to ‘rabble rousers’: Mapping the Indian diaspora in Australia. Journal of Intercultural Studies35(3), pp.250-264.

Khorana, S., 2012. Orientalising the Emerging Media Capitals: the Age on Indian Tv's ‘Hysteria’. Media International Australia145(1), pp.39-49.

Other Publications

Khorana, S., 2018. The problem with Apu: why we need better portrayals of people of colour on television. The Conversation, 29th Nov, 2018.

Khorana, S., 2017. Home and hope in the ethno-burbs. The Lifted Brow.

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