Associate Professor Juan Francisco Salazar

Studio photo of Juan Francisco Salazar against a dark brown background.Juan Francisco Salazar is an anthropologist and media scholar/practitioner best known for his substantive body of work and contribution to studies of indigenous media practices in Chile and Latin America. His current research and teaching is in the fields of environmental humanities; media and environment; documentary film; futures; and cultural research in Antarctica and Antarctic gateway cities. He is one of only a handful of anthropologists to have conducted ethnographic fieldwork in Antarctica.

Juan has produced several documentary and experimental short films exhibited internationally including the feature length documentary film Nightfall on Gaia (2015). He is also a co-author of the book Screen media arts: introduction to concepts and practices (with Cohen, H & Barkat, I, 2008, Oxford University Press) and is co-editor (with Sarah Pink, Andrew Irving and Johannes Sjøberg) of Anthropology and futures: researching emerging and uncertain worlds (Bloomsbury, forthcoming 2017).

Juan has been a visiting fellow at Universidad de las Américas, Mexico (2006), the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex (2008), Universidad Uniminuto, Colombia (2013) and Universidad de Valparaiso, Chile (2015). From 2004 he has been an international coordinator of the OURMedia Network (opens in a new window)and was convenor of the 6th OURMedia Conference in Sydney, 2007. Since 2010 he is a member of the executive committee of the Humanities and Social Sciences Expert Group (opens in a new window)(HASSEG) of the Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research (SCAR) of which he was co-chair between 2012-2014. Since 2014 he is co-director of the Future Anthropologies Network of the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA).

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PhD in Communication and Media, 2005, University of Western Sydney

Master of Arts in Media and Cultural Studies, 1999, University of Western Sydney

Bachelor of Anthropology (Honours), 1994, University of Chile

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Honours and Awards

2013, Unijobs Lecturer of the Year 2013 (Top 10 University of Western Sydney). 

2012, Vice-Chancellor's Professional Development Scholarship, University of Western Sydney.

2010, Vice-Chancellor's Professional Development Scholarship, University of Western Sydney.

2009, Winner of an Australian Educational Publishing Award 2009 Tertiary (Wholly Australian) Teaching and Learning category for the co-authored book Screen media arts: an introduction to concepts and practices (opens in a new window)(with H Cohen and I Barkat), Oxford University Press. 

2000, Australian Postgraduate Research Award

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Grants and Current Projects

Antarctic Cities and the Global Commons: Rethinking the Gateways

Researchers: Juan Salazar, Paul James, Elizabeth Leane, Liam Magee, Tim Short, Daniela Liggett, Elías Barticevic, Claudia Estrada Goic
Partners: Hobart City Council; Department of State Growth; University of Canterbury, Christchurch; Christchurch City Council; Chilean Antarctic Institute; University of Magallanes
Funding Body: Australian Research Council
Period: 2016-2019
Antarctic Cities and the Global Commons video (opens in a new window)

Digital Archives, Data Diversity and Discoverability: the Strehlow Collection as Knowledge Resource for Remote Indigenous Communities 

Researchers: Hart Cohen, Rachel Morley, Juan Salazar, Adam Macfie
Partners: Strehlow Research Centre
Funding Body: Australian Research Council
Period: 2011-2014 

Picturing Antarctica: Emerging agendas for cultural research in Antarctica (opens in a new window)

Researchers: Juan Salazar
Funding Body: University of Western Sydney (UWS Research Grant Scheme)
Period: 2011

Futuro Infantil Hoy (opens in a new window)and the professional development of leaders in Early Childhood Education: A sociological study of transnational knowledge exchange between Australia and Chile

Researchers: Michael Singh, Christine Woodrow, Steve Wilson, Juan Salazar
Partners: Fundacion Minera Escondida; Chilean National Board of Early Childhood Centres (JUNJI)
Funding Body: Fundación Minera Escondida (Chile)
Period: 2008-2010

Hot Science, Global Citizens: The Agency of the Museum Sector in Climate Change Debates (opens in a new window)

Researchers: Fiona Cameron, Bob Hodge, Brett Neilson, Juan Salazar, Jann Conroy, David Karoly, S. Chan, Carolyn Meehan, Lynda Kelly, Graham Durant, Wayne LaBar and Richard Sandell
Partners: Museum Victoria, Australian Museum, Questacon and The Liberty Science Center (USA)
Funding Body: Australian Research Council
Period: 2008-2010 

Digital Refuge: Storytelling and Sustainability of Community Media in Western Sydney

Researchers: Juan Salazar, Hart Cohen, Lena Nahlous, Caitlin Vaughan
Funding Body: UWS Sustainability Research Grant
Partner: Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE), Fairfield City Council (FCC)
Period: 2007-2008

33º South Heterotopies of Place and Space (opens in a new window)

Researchers: Sarah Waterson and Juan Salazar
Funding Body: Australia Council for the Arts, Research and Development Grant
Period: 2007-2008

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Selected Publications


Salazar, JF, Pink, S, Irving, A & Sjöberg, J (eds) (forthcoming) 2017, Anthropologies and futures: researching uncertain and emerging worlds (opens in a new window), Bloomsbury, London.

Cohen, H, Salazar, JF & Barkat, I 2008, Screen media arts: an introduction to concepts and practices (opens in a new window), Oxford University Press, Melbourne.

Edited Special Issue Journals

Granjou, C, Walker, J & Salazar, JF (forthcoming) 2016, 'Politics of Anticipation: On Knowing and Governing Environmental Futures', Futures.

Salazar, JF, Marshall, J & Notley, T (guest eds) 2013, 'Special issue: Communication Technology, Disorder and Innovation', Global Media Journal, Australian Edition, vol. 7, no. 1.

Pettit, J, Salazar, JF & Gumucio-Dagron, A (guest eds) 2009, 'Special issue: Citizens' Media and Communication', Development in Practice, Routledge.

Cohen, H & Salazar, JF (guest eds) 2005, 'Special issue: Digital Anthropology', Media International Australia (Incorporating Culture and Policy), no. 116.

Book Chapters

Salazar, JF (forthcoming) 2017, Antarctica in digital culture: politics of representation and visualisation in art and science', in K Dodds, AD Hemmings & P Roberts (eds), Handbook on the politics of the Antarctic, Edward Elgar.

Salazar, JF (forthcoming) 2016, 'Polar infrastructures', in L Hjorth, H Horst, A Galloway & G Bell (eds), The Routledge companion to digital ethnography, Routledge. 

Salazar, JF (forthcoming) 2016, 'Polar worlds; Arctic and Antarctic visions', in S Abram and KA Lund (eds), Tourism ecologies in the European High North: Green Ice, Palgrave Pivot. 

Salazar, JF 2016, 'Contar para ser contados: video indígena como práctica de ciudadanía', in C Magallanes-Blanco & J Ramos (eds), Miradas propias: pueblos indígenas. comunicación y medios en la sociedad global, Editorial Universidad Iberoamericana, Puebla, Mexico.

Salazar, JF 2015, 'Social movements and video indígena in Latin America: key challenges for "anthropologies otherwise"', in S Pink & S Abram (eds), Media, anthropology and public engagement (opens in a new window), Berghahn, pp. 122-143.

Salazar, JF 2015, 'Anticipatory modes of futuring planetary change in documentary film', in A Juhasz & A Lebow (eds),  A companion to contemporary documentary film (opens in a new window) , Wiley-Blackwell, Chicester, UK , pp. 43-60.

Salazar, JF 2015, 'Section introduction: part I: planet', in A Juhasz & A Lebow (eds),  A companion to contemporary documentary film (opens in a new window) , Wiley-Blackwell, Chicester, UK , pp. 21-27.

Salazar JF 2015, 'Futuring global change in science museums and centers: a role for anticipatory practices and imaginative acts', in F Cameron & B Neilson (eds), Climate change and museum futures, Routledge,  New York, pp. 90-108.

Cameron, F, Hodge, B & Salazar, JF 2015, 'Climate change engagement: a manifesto for museums and science centers', in F Cameron & B Neilson (eds), Climate change and museum futures, Routledge, New York, pp. 248-267. 

Salazar, JF 2014, 'Prácticas de auto-representación y los dilemas de la auto-determinación: el cara y sello de los derechos a la comunicación Mapuche', in C Barrientos (ed.), Aproximaciones a la cuestión mapuche en Chile, una mirada desde la historia y las ciencias sociales, RIL Editores,  Santiago, Chile,  pp. 143-160.

Salazar, JF 2014, 'Prefacio: emergencia, territorio y comunicacion local', in E Herrera et al. (eds), Emergencia del territorio y comunicación local: experiencias de comunicación y desarrollo sobre medio ambiente: Amazonia, Caribe, Orinoquia y Pacífico, Universidad del Norte,  Barranquilla, Colombia, pp.  XIX-XXII

Salazar, JF 2013, 'Perceptions and opinions of Antarctic values in Chile', in D Liggett & AD Hemmings (eds), Exploring Antarctic values, University of Canterbury, Gateway Antarctica Special Publication Series 1301, Christchurch, pp. 48-67. 

Salazar, JF, & Bushell, R 2013, 'Heritage for sale: the misrepresentation of voice in northern Chile', in R Staiff, R Bushell & S Watson (eds), Heritage and tourism: place, encounter, engagement (opens in a new window), Routledge, New York, pp. 187-212.

Salazar, JF 2013, 'Video-assemblages of Shanghai', in T Winter (ed.), Shanghai Expo: an international forum on the future of cities, Routledge, London, pp. 187-92.

Salazar JF 2011, 'Indigenous media in Latin America', in JDH Downing (ed.), Encyclopedia of social movement media, Sage, Thousand Oaks, 253-57.

Salazar, JF 2010, 'MyMuseum: social media and the engagement of the environmental citizen', in F Cameron & L Kelly (eds), Hot topics, public culture, museums, Cambridge Scholars Press, Cambridge, pp 265-80.

Salazar, JF 2010, 'Making culture visible: the mediated construction of a Mapuche Nation in Chile', in L Stein, C Rodriquez & D Kidd (eds), Making our media: global initiatives toward a democratic public sphere – Volume 1, Hampton Press, Cresshill, pp. 29-46.

Salazar, JF & Cordova, A 2008, 'Imperfect media: the poetics of indigenous video in Latin America', in M Stewart & P Wilson (eds), Global indigenous media: cultures, poetics, and politics, Duke University Press, Durham & London, pp. 39-57.

Salazar, JF & Waterson, S 2008, 'Play_Space: participatory communities and game space', in D Butt, J Bywater & N Paul (eds), Place: local knowledge and new media practice, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle, pp. 147-64.

Salazar, JF 2007, 'Indigenous peoples and the cultural constructions of information and communication technology in Latin America', in LE Dyson, M Hendriks, M & S Grant (eds), Indigenous people and information technology, Idea-Group Publishing, Hershey, pp. 14-26.

Salazar, JF 2007, 'Indigenous people and the communication rights agenda: a global perspective', in V Nightingale & T Dwyer (eds), New media worlds: challenges for convergence, Oxford University Press, Melbourne, pp. 87-101.

Journal Articles

Leane, E, Winter, T & Salazar, JF 2016, 'Caught between nationalism and internationalism: replicating histories of Antarctica in Hobart' (opens in a new window), International Journal of Heritage Studies, vol. 22, no. 3, pp. 214-227. 

Salazar, JF & Barticevic, E 2015, 'Digital storytelling Antarctica', Critical Arts: South-North Cultural and Media Studies, vol. 29, no. 5, pp. 576-590.

Hemmings, AD,  Chaturvedi, S, Leane, E, Liggett, D  & Salazar, JF 2015, 'Nationalism in today's Antarctic', The Yearbook of Polar Law (opens in a new window), vol. 7. 

Salazar, JF & Barticevic, E 2015, 'Digital storytelling Antarctica: an ethnography of citizens' science', Critical Arts: South-North Cultural and Media Studies, vol. 29, no. 5. 

Salazar, JF 2015, ' Anticipating Antarctica in the 21st century: a view from the social sciences', ILAIA: Advances in Chilean Antarctic Science (opens in a new window), no. 2, pp. 36-40.

Salazar, JF 2015, 'Book review: Indigenous media in Mexico: culture, community, and the state by Erica Cusi Wortham' (opens in a new window), American Anthropologist, vol. 117, pp. 448–449. 

Salazar, JF 2014, 'Antarctic futures: human engagement with the Antarctic environment' [book review], The Polar Journal, vol. 4, no. 2, pp. 414-416. 

Notley, T, A Crosby & Salazar, JF 2013, 'Online video translation and subtitling: examining emerging practices and their implications for media activism in South East Asia' (opens in a new window), Global Media Journal – Australia Edition, vol. 7, no. 1.

Salazar, JF 2013 , 'Geographies of place-making in Antarctica: an ethnographic approach' (opens in a new window), The Polar Journal, vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 53-71.

Cameron, F, Hodge, B & Salazar, JF 2013, 'Representing climate change in museum space and spaces' (opens in a new window), WIREs Climate Change, vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 9-21. 

Salazar, JF 2011, 'The mediations of climate change: museums as citizens' media', Museum and Society, vol. 9, no. 2, pp. 123-35.

Salazar, JF 2010, 'Digital stories and emerging citizens' media practices by migrant youth in Western Sydney', 3CMedia Journal of Citizen's, Community and Third Sector Media, vol. 1, no. 6, pp. 54-70. 

Salazar, JF 2009, 'Self-determination in practice: the critical making of indigenous media', Development in Practice, vol. 19, no. 4&5, pp. 504-13.

Pettit, J, Salazar, JF & Dagron, A 2009, 'Citizens' media and communication' (opens in a new window), Development in Practice, vol. 19, no. 4&5, pp. 443-52.

Salazar, JF 2009, 'Indigenous video and policy contexts in Latin America', International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics, vol. 5, no. 1&2, pp. 125-30.

Salazar, JF 2005, 'Indigenous media in Latin America', Codigos: Revista del Departamento de Ciencias de la Comunicacion, vol. 1, no. 2, pp. 51-68.

Salazar, JF 2005, 'Digitising knowledge: anthropology and new practices of digitextuality', Media International Australia (Incorporating Culture and Policy), no. 116, pp. 64-74.

Salazar, JF 2005, 'Communication rights in the "information society": the case of indigenous media in Latin America', Revista Codigos, no. 2, pp. 38-52.

Salazar, JF 2003, 'Articulating an activist imaginary: internet as counter public sphere in the Mapuche Movement', Media International Australia (Incorporating Culture and Policy), no. 107, pp. 19-29.

Salazar, JF 2002, 'Activismo indígena en América Latina: estrategias para una construcción cultural de las tecnologías de información y comunicación', Journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies, vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 61-79.

Conference Papers (since 2014)

Salazar, JF, 'Terraforming Antarctica: proxies for worldings of Outer Space', 114th American Association of Anthropologists Annual Conference, Denver, Colorado, 18-22 November 2015. 

Salazar, JF, 'Thinking the Anthropocene with microorganisms: bioprospecting extremophiles in Antarctica', Knowledge, Culture, Economy International Conference, Institute for Culture and Society, University of Western Sydney, 3-5 November 2014.

Hemmings, AD, Chaturvedi, S, Leane, E, Liggett, D & Salazar, JF, 'The role of nationalism in the contemporary Antarctic', The 7th Polar Law Symposium: The Polar Regions in the Asian Century, Hobart, Tasmania, 29-31 October 2014.

Leane, E, Salazar, JF & Winter, T, 'Mawson's Huts Replica Museum: Antarctic gateway tourism, national heritage and local place-Making', International Polar Tourism Conference, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, 3-4 September 2014.

Salazar, JF, 'An ethnographic account of everyday mobilities in King George Island, Antarctica', European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) International Conference, Tallinn, 31 July-4 August 2014.

Cohen, H, Salazar, JF & Morley, R, 'Mobilizing archival photographs for cultural futures', RAI Anthropology and Photography Conference, London, 29-31 May 2014.

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Consultancy and Reports

Pink, S, Salazar, JF & Duque, M, Chilean Banknotes: Experience, Handling and Repair, Design + Ethnography + Futures Lab (opens in a new window), Digital Ethnography Research Centre, RMIT University.

Indigenous Tourism in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
Researchers: Robyn Bushell and Juan Salazar
Funding Body: Fundación Minera Escondida, Chile, 2008-2009

Evaluation report "ICTs for Intercultural Dialogue: Developing communication capacities of Indigenous peoples. ICT4ID"
Researchers: Laurel Dyson, Juan Salazar and Max Hendriks
Funding Body: UNESCO (Information Section, Paris), 2006-2008

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2008: H2O a Difussion ebook and storycube (opens in a new window). A collaboration by Alejandra Canales, Anne Ransquin and Juan F. Salazar commissioned by Giles Lane, Proboscis, London.

2007: Suburban Crossings. Co-organiser photo-media workshop and photo-derive in the streets of Fairfield with Belgian photographer Anne Ransquin and newly arrived young people from Sudan and Congo. These images and their stories were then visualized on an interactive digital map. A joint project of the School of Communication Arts, UWS and Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE). ICE Press release.

CLACPI (opens in a new window) Festival, 2006 Oaxaca, Mexico and 2008 La Paz, Bolivia. Curator of Aboriginal film program.

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2015 Nightfall on Gaia – Documentary film (opens in a new window). HD Video 93 minutes. 
Writer, Producer, Director. 

Festival screenings: 

2013 Relatos Antárticos – Antarctic Digital Storytelling Project (opens in a new window).
Creative Producer. In partnership with Chilean Antarctic Institute (INACH).

2011 Shanghai Expo: The City Above the Sea, The Country Above The world. Creative Producer. 17 minutes. (Executive Producer Tim Winter). Institute for Culture and Society, Australia.

2010 My Name is Sud [Sood] (opens in a new window). Director/Producer (with Alejandra Canales). Documentary video. 29 minutes. Commissioned by Maria Mitar, Produced by Blacktown Arts Centre, Australia.

2009 33˚South (opens in a new window). Co-directed with Sarah Waterson. 3-channel interactive video installation. Casula Arts Centre. Sydney, April 2009.

2004 De la Tierra a la Pantalla (opens in a new window) [From Land to Screen]. Director, Producer, Editor. Documentary. 37 minutes. Digital Video.

Festival Screenings: Chilean National Cinematheque, Santiago, June 2007; 17th Presence Autochtone Film Festival, Montreal, Canada, June 2007; 13th American Indian Film and Video Festival, New York, December 2006; 6th Environmental Film Festival of New Orleans, September 2006; Showcase of Indigenous Cinema. Casa de America. Madrid, June 2005; Showcase of Indigenous Cinema. Spanish Cultural Centre. Lima, Peru, April 2005; Exhibition Mapuche-Newen, Museum of the Americas, Denver, USA, June-September 2005; 7th International Festival of Indigenous Film and Video, Santiago, Chile, 2004.

2004 No Cold Feet (opens in a new window). Co-director, Camera, Editor. Experimental dance video. 15 minutes, DV. Produced for De Quincey Company, Sydney.

2003 Breath. Co-director, Camera, Editor. Experimental dance video. 13 minutes, DV. Produced for De Quincey Company.

1999 Anatomia Monumental [Monumental Anatomy]. Co-Director. Multimedia installation. Exhibited at National Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago, Chile (1999). Museum of Contemporary Arts, Valdivia, Chile (2001).

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Higher Degree Research Supervision

Completed as Principal Supervisor

Mahmoud R Yektaparast, Rhythms of anger: Daoism and Chinese untrammelled painting, toward a counter-theorisation of avant-garde (opens in a new window), PhD, University of Western Sydney; College of Arts; School of Communication Arts, 2009.  

Justo Díaz Gómez, La Peña: the politics of early world music (opens in a new window), PhD, University of Western Sydney; College of Arts; School of Communication Arts, 2009.

Bette Mifsud, Coming to ground: the work of art towards ecohumanism, DCA, Institute for Culture and Society, 2010.

Granaz Moussavi, My Tehran for sale: a reflection on the aesthetics of Iranian poetic cinema (opens in a new window), DCA, Institute for Culture and Society, 2012.

Enda Murray, A personal filmic exploration of contemporary Irish Australian Identity (opens in a new window), DCA, Institute for Culture and Society, 2013.

Vanessa Mendes Moreira De Sa, Rethinking "pirate audiences": an investigation of TV audiences informal online viewing and distribution practices in Brazil (opens in a new window), PhD, School of Humanities and Communication Arts, 2013. 

Completed as Co-Supervisor

Verena Thomas, Yumi PiksaOur pictures: community-responsive filmmaking as research practice in highlands Papua New Guinea, PhD, University of Technology Sydney, 2011.

Cristina Wulfhorst, Intimate multiculturalism: blurred boundaries between Brazilians and Australians in Sydney, PhD, Institute for Culture and Society, 2013.

Samantha Edwards, Graffiti as archaeographic intervention: the visual poetics of place in Sydney's inner suburbs (opens in a new window), PhD, School of Humanities and Communication Arts, 2013.

Liliana E. Correa, The politics of cultural visibility: Latin American art practices in Sydney  (opens in a new window), DCR, Institute for Culture and Society, 2013.

In Progress

Sebastián Martín-Valdez, Communication rights and media reform in Argentina, PhD, Institute for Culture and Research.

Tania Raouf, The Birth of Kurdish Cinema, DCA, School of Humanities and Communication Arts.


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