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Jessica Whyte is Senior Lecturer in Cultural and Social Analysis at the University of Western Sydney, Australia and an Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow. Her work integrates European philosophy, human rights theory and twentieth century international history in order to illuminate transformations in the politics of life since WWII. Her work has been published in a range of fora including Law and Critique; Humanity: An International Journal of Human Rights, Humanitarianism and DevelopmentTheory and Event; and Contemporary Political Theory. Her first monograph, Catastrophe and redemption: the political thought of Giorgio Agamben, was published by SUNY in 2013. Her forthcoming book, Governing homo economicus: human rights and the rise of neoliberalism will be published by Verso in 2018. 

She is currently working on a three-year Australian Research Council-funded project, Inventing Collateral Damage: The Changing Moral Economy of War. This project aims to provide a novel philosophical account of the invention of the discourse of collateral damage. It seeks to understand the historical and institutional processes that have produced a moral distinction between deliberate harm inflicted on non-combatants, and the non-intentional harm that is seen as an inevitable side effect of modern warfare. Drawing on archival material and military manuals, and combining insights from the history of human rights and contemporary European political philosophy, the project aims to produce a sophisticated philosophical framework for understanding the social and political implications of conceiving civilian deaths as 'collateral damage'. Today, the term 'collateral damage' has become part of our contemporary lexicon, and its semantic field has extended beyond the military context to refer to diverse forms of unintended negative consequences. Through an examination of the ways in which humanitarians, militaries and international lawyers have shaped a normative framework that allows certain deaths to be considered 'collateral damage', this research will throw new light on the ways in which Western societies determine that some lives can be sacrificed in the interests of the public good.


PhD, 2010, Centre for Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, Monash University

Social Science (Hons.), 2003, RMIT University

Bachelor of Arts (Journalism), 2002, RMIT University

Honours and Awards

2010: Monash University Mollie Holman Doctoral Medal

2010: School of English, Communications and Performance Studies Graduate Research Achievement Prize for the best publication in the School. (Awarded for the article 'Particular rights and absolute wrongs: Giorgio Agamben on life and politics', published in Law and Critique.)

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Selected Publications


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Book Chapters

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Refereed Journal Articles

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Non-refereed Articles

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