Professor Dick Hobbs

Dick Hobbs was born and raised in east London and came to academic work late having worked as an office boy, labourer, dustman and schoolteacher. He trained as a sociologist at the LSE and the University of Surrey before working at the Universities of Oxford and Durham, where he held Chairs in both Sociology and Law. He was Professor of Sociology at the LSE (2005-2011) before taking a post in the Sociology Department at Essex University (2011-2014), where he was Professor of Sociology and Director of the Criminology Centre.

Dick Hobbs is an urban ethnographer specialising in the sociology of London, organised and professional crime, the night-time economy, violence, drug markets and research methodology. He has received grants, primarily from the ESRC, as well as from the Home Office, the Nuffield Trust and the EU. He has conducted a wide range of consultancies for government agencies and the mass media, and presented evidence to the UK government on the night-time economy, and to a Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Australian drug markets. He is editor of the Routledge Advances in Ethnography series. 

His key publications are: Doing the business (1988, winner of the BSA Philip Abrams Prize), Bad business (1995), Bouncers (2003), and Lush life (2013, winner of the 2013 Outstanding Publication Award from the International Association for the Study of Organized Crime).   

The common thread that runs through this work is a commitment to sociological studies of urban life which emphasise the role of the glocal political economy in shaping deviant cultures. He is currently working on a number of publications emerging from an ESRC funded study of the impact of the 2012 Olympics on the policing of a London borough.

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MSc, 1982, Sociology, London School of Economics

PhD, 1986, University of Surrey


2016: British Society of Criminology Outstanding Achievement Award

2015-: Associate Fellow Royal United Services Institute.

2015: Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology, University of Essex.

2013: Outstanding Publication Award. International Association for the Study of Organised Crime. Lush life: constructing organised crime in the UK. Oxford University Press (2013). 

2007: Life Changer Award. Awarded by the University and Colleges Union 'Changing People's Lives Through Education'.  

2003: Radzinowicz Prize. Awarded by the British Journal of Criminology. Door Lore (BJC 2002). 

1989: Philip Abrams Prize. Awarded by the British Sociological Association for the best book published by a new author. Doing the business: entrepreneurship, the working class and detectives in the East End of London, Oxford University Press (1988).

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Selected Publications


Hobbs, D 2013, Lush life: constructing organised crime in the UK, Oxford University Press, Oxford. 

Fussey, P, Coaffee, J, Armstrong, G and Hobbs, D 2011, Securing the Olympic site, Ashgate. 

Hobbs, D, Hadfield, P, Lister, S & Winlow, S 2003, Bouncers: violence and governance in the night time economy, Oxford University Press. Reprinted paperback 2005.

Hobbs, D 1995, Bad business: professional crime in modern Britain, Oxford University Press. 

Hobbs, D 1988, Doing the business: entrepreneurship, the working class and detectives in the East End of London, Oxford University Press. Reprinted, 1989, 1992, 1996. Winner of the Abrams Prize awarded by the British Sociology Association for the best book published by a new author.

Edited Books

Hobbs, D (ed.) 2011, Ethnography in context, Sage Benchmarks in Social Research Methods (four volume collection), Sage, London. 

Downes, D, Hobbs, D & Newburn, T (eds) 2010, The eternal recurrence of crime and control, Oxford University Press. 

Hobbs, D & Hornsby, R (eds) 2008, Gun crime, International Library of Criminology, Criminal Justice and Penology, Dartmouth. 

Hobbs, D & Wright, R (eds) 2006, The Sage handbook of fieldwork, Sage, London.

Hobbs, D (ed.) 1995, Professional crime, International Library of Criminology, Criminal Justice and Penology, Dartmouth.

Hobbs, D & May, T (eds) 1994, Interpreting the field, Oxford University Press. 

Selected Chapters 

Hobbs, D 2013, 'British crime firms', in G Bruinsma & D Weisburd (eds), Criminology and Criminal Justice, Springer. 

Hobbs, D 2012, 'Deviance' (opens in a new window), Oxford Bibliographies. 

Hobbs, D 2012, 'It was never about the money: market society, organised crime and UK criminology', in S Hall & S Winlow (eds), New directions in criminological theory, Routledge, London. 

Hobbs, D 2012, 'A bog of conspiracy: the institutional evolution of organised crime in the UK', in Allum & Gilmour (eds), The handbook of transnational organized crime, Routledge, London. 

Hobbs, D, 2011, 'We should have listened to Cyrille: the political construction of organised crime in the UK', Festricht for Cyrille Fijnaut, University of Leiden. 

Hobbs, D, Antonopoulos, GA & Hornsby, R 2011, 'The social organisation of the pirated CD/DVD market in a provincial Greek city', in T Kooijmans, M Groenhuijsen, GA Antonopoulos, K von Lampe, J Harvey & A Maljevic (eds), Usual and unusual organising criminals in Europe: profitable crimes, from underworld to upperworld - essays in honour of Petrus van Duyne, Maklu, Antwerp. 

Hobbs, D 2010, 'Stealing commercial cash: from safecracking to armed robbery', in Brookman et al (eds), Handbook of Crime, Willan. 

Hobbs, D 2010, 'Extortion', in Brookman et al (eds), Handbook of Crime, Willan. 

Hobbs, D, O'Brien, K & Westmarland, L 2008, 'Negotiating violence and gender: security and the night time economy in the UK, in S Body-Gendrot & P Spierenburg (eds), Violence in Europe: historical and contemporary perspectives, Springer. 

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Selected Refereed Journal Articles

Giulianotti, R, Armstrong, G, Hales, G & Hobbs, R 2015, 'Sport mega-events and public opposition: a sociological study of the London 2012 Olympics', Journal of Sport and Social Issues, vol. 39, no. 2, pp. 99-119.  

Giulianotti, R, Armstrong, G, Hales, G & Hobbs, R 2015, 'Global sport mega-events and the politics of mobility: the case of the London 2012 Olympics', British Journal of Sociology, vol. 66, no. 1, pp. 118-140. 

Hobbs, D & Antonopoulos, GA 2013, Endemic to the species: ordering the 'other' via organised crime, Global Crime, vol. 14, no. 1, pp. 27–51. 

Hobbs, D, Fussey, P, Coafee, J, & Armstrong, G 2012, 'The regeneration games: purity and security in the Olympic city', British Journal of Sociology, April/May. 

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Other Articles

Tomsen, S & Hobbs, D 2017, 'Crime and masculinity in popular culture' (opens in a new window), Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Criminology, DOI: 10.1093/acrefore/9780190264079.013.218.

Official Reports

Hobbs, D, Maguire, M, Noakes, L & Brearley, N 1991, Detective efficiency and effectiveness, final report to the Home Office, May.

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Hobbs, D 2007, Drug trafficking: an industry report, Home Office, (in collaboration with Matrix), November.

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Work in Progress

  • Article: 'Organised crime, rumour and gossip'
  • Article: 'Gangs as threat to the Olympics'
  • Book: Policing the 2012 Olympics
  • Book: Organised crime: a very short introduction (Oxford) 



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