Dr Dallas Rogers

Dallas Rogers' Institute for Culture and Society scholarship investigates the relationships between globalising urban space, discourse and technology networks, and poverty and wealth. He has undertaken a critical analysis of Australian urbanism through fine-grained empirical research with low-income urban citizenries as well as super-rich transnational property investors and their agents.

Dallas' current research interests focus on:

  • A relational examination of housing poverty and wealth in globalising cities; 
  • Foreign investment and the changing nature of Asia-Australia economic, technology and cultural relations; and
  • The intersection between democracy, private sector development and state intervention.

Dallas teaches into the Urban Research Program within the School of Social Sciences and Psychology. He has secured nationally competitive grants, and completed research projects for local and state government and the private and non-government sectors. He is a regular commentator on urban and housing policy with an interest in using digital media techniques to communicate research findings to non-academic audiences. He has appeared in domestic and international media, participated in a parliamentary briefing, is regularly invited to speak at academic and professional forums and publishes on urban and housing issues in academic and industry journals. Dallas has produced podcasts on contemporary urban issues for The Conversation (opens in a new window)and he is the online editor for The International Sociological Association (ISA) Research Committee 43 for Housing and the Built Environment, RC43

Recent Radio Documentary 

Dallas' radio documentary was part of the 2015 Festival of Urbanism.

'Searching for the Mousetribe, in the Confucian City' 

Not all Chinese are getting rich on the back of property investments. Dr Dallas Rogers travels to Beijing in search of the Mousetribe, the people who call air raid bunkers their homes.


Academic Qualifications

2012, Doctor of Philosophy,  University of Western Sydney, Australia

2007, Bachelor of Community Welfare (Honours), major in International Development, University of Western Sydney, Australia

Professional Qualifications 

2006, Certificate IV Training and Assessment, Australian College of Training & Employment, Australia

2015, Digital Content Production - Radio (Diploma), Australian Film, Television and Radio School, Australia

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Honours and Awards 

2015  Dallas won the prestigious Federal Minister's Award for Early Career Housing Researcher (opens in a new window)for his study on the politics of Chinese investment in Australian housing

2013  Dallas won the Annual Award for Teaching and Learning that has Contributed to the Public Good for his teaching collaboration with staff from the NSW state housing authority in his Masters of Urban Planning Unit

2012  Dallas received one of two nationally competitive Post-Doctoral Awards from the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) for his study on the politics of housing

2007  Dallas received a nationally competitive Post-Graduate Award from AHURI for his study on state government and private sector intervention in housing in NSW

Dallas has presented invited papers on the rise of Asian foreign investment in global real estate at domestic industry and academic conferences (2015 Festival of Urbanism (opens in a new window)) and internationally at the National University of Singapore (opens in a new window)and City University of Hong Kong (opens in a new window). Dallas was a Visiting Fellow (opens in a new window) at National University of Singapore in 2014 and he presented the annual Marg Barry Memorial Keynote Address (opens in a new window)on housing and democracy in Sydney in 2012. 

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Selected Publications 


Rogers, D 2016, The geopolitics of real estate: reconfiguring property, capital and rights (opens in a new window), Rowman & Littlefield, London.

Dufty-Jones, R & Rogers, D (eds) 2015 Housing in twenty-first century Australia: people, practices and policies (opens in a new window), Ashgate,  Aldershot.

Book Chapters

Rogers, D (in press), 'Becoming a super-rich foreign real estate investor: globalising real estate data, publications and events', in R Forrest, D Wissink & SY Koh (eds), Cities and the super-rich: real estate, elite practices and urban political economies, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke.

Rogers, D 2016, 'Uploading real estate: home as a digital, global commodity', in N Cook, A Davison & L Crabtree (eds), Housing and home unbound: intersections in economics, politics and Environment in Australia (opens in a new window), Routledge, London, pp. 23-38.

Rogers, D & Dufty-Jones, R 2015, '21st century Australian housing: new frontiers in the Asia-Pacific', in  R Dufty-Jones & D Rogers (eds),  Housing in twenty-first century Australia: people, practices and policies, Ashgate, Aldershot, pp. 221-236. 

Dufty-Jones, R & Rogers, D 2015, 'Housing in Australia: a new century', in R Dufty-Jones & D Rogers (eds), Housing in twenty-first century Australia: people, practices and policies, Ashgate, Aldershot, pp. 1-18. 

Lilley, D, Rogers, D & Butler, P 2014, 'Co-present biography: understanding and managing stakeholder differences to improve social policy outcomes', in Sage research methods cases, Sage Publications, London. 

Rogers, D, Arthurson, K & Darcy, M 2013, 'Disadvantaged citizens as co-researchers in media analysis: action research utilising mobile phone and video diaries', in Sage research methods cases, Sage Publications, London.

Rogers, D 2013, 'Urban and social planning through public-private partnership: the case of the Bonnyrigg Living Communities Project, Sydney Australia', in  J Colman & C Gossop (eds), International Society of City and Regional Planners – review 9 ISOCARP,  The Hague. 

Journal Articles

Rogers, D & Koh, SY 2017, 'The globalisation of real estate: the politics of practice of foreign real estate investment' (opens in a new window), International Journal of Housing Policy, vol. 17, no. 1, pp. 1-14.  

Rogers, D 2016, 'Monitory democracy as citizen-driven participatory planning: the urban politics of Redwatch in Sydney' (opens in a new window), Urban Policy and Research, DOI: 10.1080/08111146.2015.1077804.

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Darcy, M & Rogers, D 2015, 'Place, political culture and post-Green Ban resistance: public housing in Millers Point, Sydney' (opens in a new window), Cities, DOI :10.1016/j.cities.2015.09.008. 

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Darcy, M, Nichols, R, Roffey, C & Rogers, D 2008, 'Research students and community development: the challenges of integrating academic expectations with community needs and values', Metropolitan Universities Journal: An International Forum, vol. 19, no. 1, pp. 21-37.

Journal Special Issues

Rogers, D,  Dufty-Jones, R &  Steele, W 2015,  'Housing and space: toward socio-spatial inclusion', Social Inclusion .

Industry Journal Articles

Rogers, D 2016, 'A conflict over how land is imagined and used' (opens in a new window), Inner Sydney Voice, Spring.

Rogers, D 2016, 'Poverty porn and housing: how we produce housing and neighbourhood stigma' (opens in a new window), HousingWORKS, vol. 11, no. 1, pp. 21-23.

Rogers, D 2015, 'Foreign investment in Australian housing: a question of housing equity not investor identity', HousingWORKS, vol. 10, no. 12. 

Arthurson, K, Darcy, M & Rogers, D 2013, 'Housos: the TV series, the stage show and real life', Architect Victoria Journal, Winter, pp. 25.

Rogers, D 2013, 'Tenant participation, social housing and democracy: tensions between expectations and reality', HousingWORKS, vol. 10, no. 5, pp. 5-7.

Rogers, D 2013, 'Democracy from the ground up: the real stuff of community engagement', Inner Sydney Voice, Summer, pp.15.

Research Reports

Rogers, D 2012, 'Understanding tenants' experiences of remaining "in place" in Minto throughout the Stage 5/6 civil works upgrade', NSW Land and Housing Corporation, Sydney, New South Wales.

Nichols, M, Phibbs, P & Rogers, D 2012, 'Urban form: a review from the international literature', Australasian Housing and Urban Research Institute, Melbourne: Victoria. 

Rogers, D 2010, 'Discussion paper – policy considerations: social housing renewal and the private sector', Bonnyrigg Partnerships/Becton Property Group, Sydney, New South Wales.

Rogers, D 2010, 'Discussion paper – tenant participation in Bonnyrigg: emerging themes from the tenant participation study', Newleaf Communities//Becton Property Group, Sydney, New South Wales.

Rogers, D 2006, 'Economic development study: Bonnyrigg', Fairfield City Council, Fairfield, New South Wales.

Rogers, D 2006, 'Towards an understanding community consultation in public-private partnerships (PPP)', Fairfield City Council, Fairfield, New South Wales.

Rogers, D 2005, 'Community Renewal Plan: preliminary report', NSW Department of Housing, Sydney, New South Wales.

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Selected Media

Dallas has appeared on international, national and local television and/or radio, and has written opinion pieces for major news outlets, including:

Dallas also produces several research focused radio and podcast series, including:


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