Dr Christopher Lean

C_LeanDr. Christopher Lean is a Research Fellow working with Dr. Josh Wodak in the Centre of Excellence for Synthetic Biology.

He is a trained philosopher of science whose research focuses on philosophy of the life sciences (biology, ecology, medicine) and ethics (bioethics, environment, technology).

Recently, he has been writing on the role of biotechnology in conservation science and on invasive species.

He has previously addressed issues ranging from: how to measure biodiversity, the ethics of de-extinction, evolutionary explanations in cancer and ecological communities, the moral and legal ramifications of online genetic genealogies, and whether ecology has laws of nature.


  • 2019, PhD in Philosophy. The Australian National University

Research Focus

  • Philosophy of the life sciences (biology, ecology, medicine)
  • Ethics (bioethics, environment, technology)

Awards and Recognitions

  • 2021 Forrest Prospect Fellowship at the University of Western Australia ‘Synthetic Biology and Conservation’.
  • 2016 The Vice Chancellor’s Travel Grant, Australian National University
  • 2015 Volkswagen Foundation. Funding for attending the ‘Superorganisms, Organisms and Suborganisms as Biological Individuals’ conference, Gut Siggen

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