Emeritus Professor Bob Hodge

Emeritus Professor

Professor Bob Hodge with trees and the Female Orphan School in the background.

Professor Bob Hodge has many active research interests: in analytic and conceptual toolkits for social and cultural research (critical linguistics, discourse analysis, social semiotics); in major theoretical traditions in humanities and social sciences (Marxism, psychoanalysis, post-colonialism, post-modernism, critical management studies, chaos theory); in radical transdisciplinarity (including science in the mix) and engaged research; and in specific areas of study (globalisation, cyberculture, Australian Studies, Indigenous Studies, Mexico and Latin America, Chinese language and culture, education, popular culture, literature (classical, early modern, contemporary)).

Professor Bob Hodge has published in all these areas, and has supervised doctoral studies on all of them and more.


  • PhD, 1972, Intellectual History, Cambridge, UKB
  • A Hons, 1967, English, Cambridge, UK
  • Dip Ed, 1963, Physics and Maths, UWA, Australia
  • BA Hons, 1961, English and Greek, UWA, Australia

Selected Awards and Recognition

  • 2016: Emeritus Professor
  • 2002: Fellow of Australian Academy of the Humanities
  • 2003: Centenary Medal

Selected Publications

Hodge, B 2017, Social semiotics for a complex age, Polity Press.

Hodge, B, Coronado, G, Duarte, F & Teal, G 2010, Chaos theory and the Larrikin Principle: working with organisations in a neo-liberal world (opens in a new window), Liber, Copenhagen.

Hodge, B & Coronado, G 2004, El hipertexto multicultural en México posmoderno, Porrua-CIESAS, Mexico.

Hodge, B & Kress, G 1993. Language as ideology (opens in a new window), Routledge, London & New York.

Hodge, B & Mishra, V 1991, Dark side of the dream: Australian literature and the postcolonial mind (opens in a new window), Allen and Unwin, St Leonards.

Hodge, B & Kress, G 1988, Social semiotics (opens in a new window), Polity Press and Cornell University Press, London.

Hodge, B, Fiske, J & Turner, G 1987, Myths of Oz: reading Australian popular culture (opens in a new window), Allen and Unwin, St Leonards.

Hodge, B & Tripp, D 1986, Children and television (opens in a new window), Polity Press, London. [Spanish translation, 1988, Editorial Planeta].

Hodge, B Fowler, R Kress, G & Trew, A 1979. Language and Control Routledge and Kegan Paul [Spanish translation, 1987, as Lenguaje y Control, 1987, Fondo de Cultural Economica, México].

Hodge, B & Louie, K 1998, Reading the Dragon: the politics of Chinese language and culture Routledge.

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