Professor Hilary du Cros

Honorary Research Fellow

Professor Paul Tabar Professor Hilary du Cros is currently an Honorary Research Fellow of the University of New Brunswick, Canada, as well as an Adjunct Research Fellow at the Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University. She has taught and worked in the Asia Pacific region over the last 35 years and conducted projects for the United Nations World Tourism Organization and UNESCO. These projects include a number in China (Yunnan, Guangdong and Guizhou), India, Mongolia, Myanmar, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macao. In Macao, Professor du Cros contributed to the establishment of the cultural heritage undergraduate program at the Institute For Tourism Studies (IFT) and conducted over 8 research projects (one of which is an on-going longitudinal study of congestion at World Heritage elements in Macao). In Hong Kong, she conducted six studies concerned with cultural tourism and/or cultural heritage management. She has been an international member of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) since 1988 and an expert member of the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Cultural Tourism, since 1999. Her latest books are Cultural Tourism (2015) co-authored with Bob McKercher (3rd Edition due 2020); The Arts and Events (2014) with Lee Jolliffe and Yok-shiu F. Lee on Cultural Heritage Management in China (2007). Other publications number over 130 works, including books, journal articles, conference papers, monographs and book chapters, and including over 250 consulting reports.

Most recently, as the 2018 E.G. Whitlam Research Fellow, Whitlam Institute (within Western Sydney University), Professor du Cros was the recipient of a competitive research grant to examine the legacy of former Australian prime minister Hon Gough Whitlam AC QC towards the management and conservation of Australian Indigenous places in terms of national policy.


  • PhD, 1996, Monash University
  • BA(Hons), 1984, University of Sydney

Research Focus

Professor Hilary du Cros has an interdisciplinary perspective on cultural heritage management, arts management and sustainable tourism development. More recently, her work has focussed on:

  • Arts, tourism and urban heritage experiences
  • World Heritage marketing and management
  • Asian cultural tourism

Selected Publications

du Cros, H & Jolliffe, L (forthcoming), ‘Brand Hong Kong: art hub for China’s Belt and Road initiative’, in W Cudny (ed.), Place Event Marketing, Routledge, London.

Jolliffe, L, Chesworth, N & du Cros, H (forthcoming), ‘Branding a city through arts events: the case of Saint John in Atlantic Canada’, in W Cudny (ed.), Place Event Marketing, Routledge, London.

du Cros, H (forthcoming), ‘A Tale of Two Cities: how tourism development is treated in Yangon and Macau’s urban heritage planning’, in KD Silva (ed.), The Routledge Handbook on Historic Urban Landscapes of the Asia-Pacific, Routledge, London.

du Cros, H 2017, ‘The evolving nature of commercial art fairs’, In J Laing & W Frost (eds), Exhibitions, Trade Fairs and Industrial Events, Routledge, London, pp. 51-64.

du Cros, H 2017, ‘Investigating the Role of virtual peer support in Asian youth tourism’, in S Carson & M Pennings (eds), Performing Cultural Tourism: Communities, Tourists and Creative Practices, New Directions in Tourism Analysis. Routledge, London, pp. 63-80.

du Cros, H 2016, ‘Cultural and experiential tourism’, in M Sotiriades & D Gursoy (eds), The Handbook of Managing and Marketing Tourism Experiences, Emerald, Bingley, pp. 133-154.

du Cros, H & McKercher, B 2015, ‘Cultural tourism’, Routledge, Abingdon & London.

du Cros, H & Jolliffe, L 2014, ‘The arts and events’, Routledge (Taylor and Francis), Abingdon & London.

du Cros, H 2013, ‘World heritage-themed souvenirs for Asian tourists in Macau’, in J Cave, L Jolliffe & T Baum (eds), Tourism and Souvenirs: Glocal Perspectives from the Margins, Channel View Publications, London, pp. 176-189.

Lee, YSF & du Cros, H 2013, ‘Approaches to cultural heritage management in Southern China: Hong Kong, Macau and Guangzhou’, in KD Silva & NK Chapagain (eds), Managing Asian Heritage: Contexts, Concerns and Prospects, Routledge & Taylor and Francis, London, pp. 105-121.

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