Professor Allen Chun

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Gabriela Coronado with trees and the Female Orphan School in the background.

Allen Chun is Research Fellow in the Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, where he has been employed since December 1982. His research interests have always involved socio-cultural theory, national identity, colonial formations, and transnational globalization, especially in relation to Chinese speaking societies. From 2003 to the present, he has held a Joint Professorship in the Institute for Social Research and Cultural Studies, National Chiao Tung University, where he regularly teaches graduate courses on Cultural Theory, The Nation-State as Historical-Cultural Formation, Transnationalism and Culture, Colonial Societies and Postcolonial Theories in Comparative Perspective, and Ethnicity, Culture and Identity.

In addition to his official appointments, he has previously served as an Executive Board Member, Research Committee on Social Theory, International Sociological Association, and Professorial Fellow, Globalism Research Institute, RMIT University.  Of the editorial boards of journals and Presses that he currently sits on, he is an active consulting editor for Social Analysis and global-e.  He is also a Board member of the newly created International Center for Cultural Studies, National Chiao Tung University, within which he is the Convener of the Research Cluster on Greater China, Neo-Liberalism and Neo-Colonialism.


  • PhD, 1985, Anthropology, University of Chicago, Chicago, USA
  • MA, 1979, Anthropology, University of Chicago, Chicago, USA
  • BA, 1975, Anthropology, Columbia University, New York, USA

Selected Publications

Chun, AJ (under review) 2018, On the geopragmatics of Anthropological identification, Berghahn.

Chun, AJ 2018, ‘The “legacy” of heritage in the dark politics of the nation-state’, in State Policy and the Cultural Politics of Heritage-Making in East and Southeast Asia, Singapore: ISEAS.

Chun, AJ 2018, ‘Clan and lineage organization’, in Michael Dillon (ed.), Encyclopedia of Chinese History.

Chun, AJ 2017, ‘Why should we care about Chineseness?’, in global-e, vol. 10, no. 40, June 15.

Chun, AJ 2017, ‘Diaspora as mind: making sense of the experiences of the Japanese in postwar Taiwan’, Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, vol. 18, no. 1, pp. 61-74.

Chun, AJ 2017, Forget Chineseness: on the geopolitics of cultural identification, SUNY Press, Albany.

Chun, AJ 2016, ‘香港再還是不再,問題並非如此:大中國的"認同"過程與其批判挑戰《文化研究》23: Introduction to special journal issue on post-1997 Hong Kong’, Router 23, pp. 119-126.

Chun, AJ 2016, ‘On Geoffrey Benjamin’s deep sociology of the nation-state’, Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, vol. 17, no. 2, pp. 324-31.

Chun, AJ 2016, (invited guest editor) 香港(後)殖民主義的新面貌及文化危機《文化研究》23: The new face of (Post) Colonialism and cultural crisis in Hong Kong, Router 23, Taiwan.

Chun, AJ 2015, ‘From roots and routes to returns: is there a history of consciousness here?’, boundary 2, vol. 42, no. 2, pp. 161-76.

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