Opinion: Affordable Housing Lessons from Sydney, Hong Kong and Singapore: 3 Keys to Getting the Policy Mix Right

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20 Sep 2019
Affordable housing is a critical problem for Australia’s biggest housing markets. Five Australian cities are in the top 25 with “severely unaffordable” housing in a   ...Read more.

Opinion: Keeping the City Cool Isn’t Just About Tree Cover – It Calls for a Commons-based Climate Response

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18 Sep 2019
A recent report by the Greater Sydney Commission singles out urban heat as one of four priority areas given our coming climate. It identifies tree   ...Read more.

Opinion: On an Average Day, Only 1% of Australian News Stories Quoted a Young Person

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03 Sep 2019
No wonder so few trust the mediaOn one unremarkable day in April this year, just over a third of news stories were about issues likely   ...Read more.

Opinion: Ben Stokes: England Cricketer’s Triumph Over Adversity is a Classic Hero’s Tale

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03 Sep 2019
In August last year, England cricketer Ben Stokes stood with head back and eyes closed as he was found not guilty of affray in a   ...Read more.

Opinion: Australia’s Art Institutions Don’t Reflect Our Diversity: it’s Time to Change That

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03 Sep 2019
For most of us, it is easy to pass judgement on others while finding it difficult to reflect on ourselves.Diversity Arts Australia recently undertook a   ...Read more.

Opinion: Will time tear us apart? Exploring the Appeal of Joy Division 40 Years On

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03 Sep 2019
In a previous century, I conducted doctoral fieldwork among the abandoned warehouses, smoky pubs and crumbling squats of the British post-punk, independent rock scene. How   ...Read more.

Opinion: Most Migrants on Bridging Visas Aren’t ‘Scammers’, They’re Well Within Their Rights

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03 Sep 2019
Recent articles in the media have raised concerns about the rapid rise in migrants living and working in Australia on bridging visas, whose numbers have   ...Read more.

Research Highlights Need for Young People to be Included in Australian News Media

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02 Sep 2019
A new report on the inclusion and representation of young Australians in the news finds that young people are seldom given the opportunity to speak   ...Read more.

Dr Louise Crabtree Is Finalist In Housing Challenge

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02 Jul 2019
Congratulations to Dr Louise Crabtree and Jason Twill (Director, Urban Apostles) whose Metropolitan Land Trust Policy is one of seven shortlisted proposals in the City   ...Read more.

Opinion: Our National Anthem is Non-inclusive: Indigenous Australians Shouldn’t Have to Sing It

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06 Jun 2019
It is traditional at major sports events to begin with a rendition of the national anthem. At the State of Origin rugby league clash between   ...Read more.

Opinion: How to Know If Your Child Is Addicted to Video Games and What to Do About It

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06 Jun 2019
If your child spends long hours playing video games, you might be worried they’re addicted.“Gaming disorder” is real, and has now been classified as a   ...Read more.

Opinion: Is This a Housing System That Cares? That’s the Question for Australians and Their New Government

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30 May 2019
Growing numbers of Australians are locked out of home ownership or struggling in insecure and unaffordable private rental markets. There are concerns about home owners   ...Read more.


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23 May 2019
By Professor Gay HawkinsThis article was published in Discard Studies and is republished through the Creative Commons license (Attribution-NoDerivs CC BY-ND).‘Disposable’ usually describes minor ephemeral   ...Read more.

New Book in Honour of Manfred B Steger

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02 May 2019
Congratulations to Professor Manfred B. Steger who has had a book of essays published in honour of his important contributions to the field of global   ...Read more.

Katherine Gibson Appointed to Prestigious Harvard Position

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15 Apr 2019
Congratulations to Professor Katherine Gibson who has been appointed as the Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser Visiting Professor of Australian Studies at Harvard University for   ...Read more.

Sexism in Sport Why Taking Down the Action Photo of Women’s AFL Player Tayla Harris Shows Double Standard

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22 Mar 2019
The treatment of an action photo of Women’s AFL player Tayla Harris demonstrates continuing obstacles to women in sport, says Western Sydney University’s Emeritus Professor   ...Read more.

Linkage Grant Success Highlights Partnership Strength and Impact

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20 Mar 2019
Western Sydney University researchers have been awarded almost $500,000 in funding after securing two prestigious Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grants. The funding will see   ...Read more.

Opinion: Don’t Fall for It: A Parent’s Guide to Protecting Your Kids from Online Hoaxes

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19 Mar 2019
It’s a parent’s responsibility to protect their children from harm, no matter where that threat of harm comes from. But what if the threat is   ...Read more.

Opinion: Young Voters May Hold the Key to the NSW State Election: Here’s Why

14 Mar 2019
Young Australians are more connected, educated and informed than previous generations. They are also more likely to have higher debt and less economic independence into   ...Read more.

Opinion: More Can Be Done for Housing in Western Sydney

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11 Mar 2019
Housing affordability, a woe not simply for the rich.A great deal has been made of the ongoing investment into infrastructure in Greater Western Sydney –   ...Read more.

Opinion: Rugby League May Finally Have Reached Its Tipping Point on Player Behaviour and Violence

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11 Mar 2019
St George Illawarra and NSW State of Origin player Jack de Belin has become the first player to be banned under a new “no fault   ...Read more.

Helen Barcham Awarded Vice-Chancellor’s Gender Equality Fund

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08 Feb 2019
Congratulations to our PhD candidate, Helen Barcham, who has been awarded a competitive Western Sydney University Vice-Chancellor’s Gender Equality Fund to support her women’s health   ...Read more.

Western to Co-lead Research Streams for New Social Think Tank

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08 Feb 2019
Western Sydney University will co-lead two research streams for a new collaborative think thank– the Centre of Excellence for Resilient Communities and Inclusive Societies (CERCIS)   ...Read more.

Opinion: One Infinity Explores Tension and Connection Between China and the West

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07 Feb 2019
Review: One Infinity, Sydney Festival 2019In an age of growing mistrust, the Chinese-Australian artistic collaboration One Infinity demonstrates the ability of dance and music to   ...Read more.

Urban Heat Makes Us Sedentary, Passive and Lonely: Western Sydney University Research

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24 Jan 2019
Researchers from Western Sydney University have investigated the effect of rising temperatures on the liveability of cities. They found that an over-reliance on air-conditioning and   ...Read more.

Gap Year and Millennials: New Research Investigates the Long-term Effects of Overseas Experiences on Young Australians

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23 Jan 2019
Whether it be as overseas workers, international students or travellers, young people between the ages of 25-39 today account for the greatest number of long-term   ...Read more.

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