Institute for Culture and Society Launches Issues: A New Multilingual Journal

8 small clay teacups with tea in them sit on a round metal plate on a wooden table.

The Institute is pleased to announce the launch of Issues (opens in a new window), a new multilingual journal of short essays on topics of historical and contemporary relevance, housed at the Institute for Culture and Society.

Issues has been a year and a half in the making, and is edited by Dr Malini Sur and Dr Liam Magee, with creative design by Jasbeer Musthafa Mamalipurath.

Dr Sur describes: As a multilingual collection, the journal is a way to collectively acknowledge the diversity of academic backgrounds we come from, and also the diversity of languages in which we speak, think and write.

Volume 1

The four essays in the inaugural issue (opens in a new window)move across geographies and time, foregrounding diverse themes: the centrality of agrarian and Aboriginal labour in the making of nations; the ecological crisis and notions of justice; and the resilience of Indigenous communities who make life liveable even in post-disaster landscapes. Written in Chinese, Spanish, Bengali and English, this collection spans 19th century Australia and China to the current ecological crisis that connects lives across Latin America and South Asia.

Congratulations to all involved in bringing this work together.

Posted: 16 December 2019.