Podcast: On the Interconnections between Music, Sport and Media

ICS PhD candidate, Alejandra Villanueva interviews ICS researcher Emeritus Professor David Rowe about the interconnections between music, sports and media. Professor David Rowe poses some political questions that are relevant for national and global contexts, as well as for Greater Western Sydney. 



Alejandra Villanueva is a PhD candidate at ICS. She is interested in the significance of sporting practices in contemporary societies, and how by looking at sports we can understand the processes of gender identity construction, socioeconomic inequalities and the social structures that shape the ways in which we understand work and leisure.


Emeritus Professor David Rowe is a researcher at the Institute for Culture and Society in Western Sydney University. He has published extensively in the areas of media and popular culture, especially sport, music and journalism. Professor Rowe has published many essays and commentaries on cultural and social matters in print, broadcast and online media, and has been a research consultant for several government departments, local councils, professional organisations and community groups. Professor David Rowe's research interests include:

  • Popular Culture
  • Journalism and Media
  • Urban Leisure
  • Sport, Nation and Globalisation

Visit Professor David Rowe's staff profile for a comprehensive list of his academic and media engagements. 


Walkabout by Digital Primitives

1 December, 2017.