New Report Maps Culture in the City of Sydney

A new independent report produced by the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) commissioned by the City of Sydney has just been published.

The report, entitled 'Mapping Culture: Venues and Infrastructures in the City of Sydney' (opens in a new window)(PDF,11.6MB) mapped the City of Sydney's 3,106 cultural venues and classified these into spatial, cultural industry, and venue types. Findings were also presented of the 6,329 value chain roles that each cultural venue played.

Through this multi-layered database design, researchers at ICS were able to work through the dynamism and complexity of the spatial and relational dimensions of cultural infrastructure, and make recommendations for the most appropriate and effective policies to enhance the cultural and creative life of the City.

The report concluded that the City of Sydney is well positioned to achieve international recognition as a leader in urban cultural policy through a multi-layered, 'culturally intelligent' approach to infrastructural mapping.

The report will imminently be launched by ICS and the City of Sydney. Details of this launch will be made available shortly on the ICS Events page.

Posted: 8 March 2017