New Book: The Palgrave Handbook of Contemporary Heritage Research

The cover of the Palgrave Handbook of Contemporary Heritage Research. The bottom of the cover is pink with the title and editors printed in white. The top half shows a photo of the face of a statue - a butterfly sits there.A new book edited by Associate Professor Emma Waterton (ICS) and Associate Professor Steve Watson (York St John University, UK), has just been published. 

The Palgrave Handbook of Contemporary Heritage Research explores heritage from a wide range of perspectives and disciplines and in doing so provides a distinctive and deeply relevant survey of the field as it is currently researched, understood and practiced around the world. Furthermore it establishes and develops through its various sections and chapters an accessible and clearly presented vision of heritage as a cultural process designed for use by students, advance scholars and practitioners alike. This book provides both critical insight and food for thought, directing the reader to key texts in the various aspects of the field and charting a course for future research.

For more information, visit the Palgrave Macmillan website (opens in a new window).

11 February 2015