Public Lecture by Mike Hulme: Restructuring climate policy for a partisan era

29 April 2011

Project: Hot Science: Global Citizens

Public Lecture: Restructuring climate policy for a partisan era

Professor Mike Hulme (opens in a new window), University of East Anglia, UK

Photo of Mike Hulme with lecture details as below. All welcome.

I suggest that our ultimate goal is not to ‘stop climate change’. We have mistaken the means for the end. Our goal is surely to ensure that the basic human needs of the world’s growing population are adequately met; that we move towards a development paradigm where we are living within our techno-ecological means and not beyond them; and that our societies are adequately equipped to withstand the risks and dangers that come from a changing climate – distinguishing whether those risks and dangers are natural or not is hardly the point. It is not more certain scientific predictions that we need; nor a charismatic leader to arise from ‘the east’; nor grand dreams of creating a global thermostat in the sky above. It is what Sheila Jasanoff has referred to as the ‘technologies of humility’ – ‘disciplined methods to accommodate the partiality of scientific knowledge and to act under irredeemable uncertainty’ – that will offer us the best prospects for taming the risks of climate change.

When: Thursday 5 May 2011, 5.30 for 6pm.

Where: Turner Hall, Ultimo TAFE, Maryann Street, Sydney.

Cost: Entry is free!

Professor Mike Hulme is also giving the keynote address at the ‘Hot Science Global Citizens’ symposium on Thursday 5 May 2011.

For more information please visit the Hot Science Global Citizens (opens in a new window)website. Registrations for the symposium close 5pm, Monday 2 May, 2011.